Podcast Suggestions (other than BV)


I love the quick, development-related podcasts. They make for nice interludes between the longer-format shows, too :wink: For example…


Subscribed. Also, very easy to subscribe on the iPhone; just tap one button. We should improve that. But I’d like to hear how easy it is to subscribe for android and desktop and other non ios users.


it reminds me of the BV Social in college. BV being Black Velvet whiskey.


Most of my not-too-niche faves have already been mentioned. So, in the vein of newky’s OP “in fact I often find the best new podcasts are ones that introduce me to an area I’m less familar with”:

  • Cunning Minx’s Polyamory Weekly podcast about polyamory and the people who practice it, news, and issues that come up and general relationship stuff - because they’re doing what the monogamous of us are doing but more of it, so actually more than you’d think applies to 1-on-1 relationships too - the things that make those work also makes other relationships work too. Its USA focussed but does have some international audience. I’m not poly (tried it briefly years ago, decided not for me) but I still find lots of interesting stuff there. Huge archive of episodes on all sorts of topics.

My Tech/Science-related additions:

  • SE Radio - fantastic one for s/w developers (or if technically minded in this industry) if you want to keep up with different languages/techs/methodologies/architectures - totally serious mood, covers everything it means to be a rounded s/w developer or architect or in the software business, mostly in deep-dive interviews with someone from an industry, either a developer or architect/other technical role. I pick and choose my downloads based on interest.
  • Awesome Astronomy - I have strong interest in astronomy and know the guys who produce this one (UK based); the bloopers (included after each show usually) are sometimes the funniest bits, sometimes contains obscenities.
  • BBC’s Science in Action, the “Science” Magazine one, NPR’s Science Friday
    With all those you end up with a lot of the same stories analysed so I often skip episodes/segments of at least one of them where I’ve had enough.
  • BBC Click (the radio show converted plus an intro/outro - not very deep, pop tech/little bit of science, but often-enough leftfield interesting stuff)
  • Ubuntu Podcast, already mentioned of course; “Radio 4”-ish as alleged, but enough banter to keep it entertaining for me; also looking forward to Oggcamp again this year hurrah!

Other things

  • BBC’s Friday Night Comedy (though better when its the News Quiz not the Now Show which alternates with it between series)

You can also get TED Talks as an audio podcast - for the talks where audio-only works, and maybe there’s a video version too.

I use PodcastAddict on Android, with the adverts, but nicer to use than the open source players I tried. gPodder on PC (but almost never listen via that). gPodder on my Nokia N900 did a pretty good job but gpodder-on-Android exploration attempts/incarnation doesn’t seem likely to ever exist/any day soon - I think I read of some basic efforts towards it years ago). PA lets you use its own player with speed control so 1.1, 1.2, or 1.3x real speed gets you through the slower ones without the Helium-voice affect and especially for less technical content or slower speakers, to fit more in to my listening time.


I just realized, @ssweeny, that I am under onus to you. :smile:


A bit late to the party, but +1 for Hello Internet.

Other podcasts I love:

The History of English Podcast It’s long and covers +10,000 years of the development of English from Proto Indo-European to early modern English. It’s still ongoing and is up to episode 43. I like it because it’s not something I know anything about - other than being an English speaker, and it’s made be change my assumptions about correctness of English.

Kermode & Mayo’s Film Review aka Wittertainment. It’s a movie review show, but it’s not about movie reviews.

In Our Time Melvin Bragg + 3 academics shoot shit about a topic for 45 minutes. Again, I tend to listen to topics I know little or nothing about.


Other than Badvoltage, I listen to the radio, mostly.

2XM, Breakfast republic (2FM), BBCradio 2 and 6.

occasionally tune into ubuntupodcast, but MW buggers it up, with his OCD aeroplane industry yarns.


you might want to check out podlove. it has a somewhat nice subscribe interface.

also, chapter marks in BV would be great.


How do I add chapter marks?


i am afraid it depends on what you use to edit the show, I think auphonic has a relatively easily discoverable way to do it. See this, unfortunately slightly older, blog post from them: https://auphonic.com/blog/2013/07/03/chapter-marks-and-enhanced-podcasts/


Improvised Star Trek

I have just come across this one recently. It can be very amusing.


Blimey, in order to resurect the deceased thread here…

This page helped me get chapter marks set up on cchits.net but basically, MP3 doesn’t formally support chapter marks, although I did raise a ticket against eyed3 to get them to add support for the proposed extension from the BBC…

You create a file with the timestamps and the name of that chapter in, that you run through mp4chaps for MP4 files, and a separate file with timestamps and name lines that you pass to vorbiscomment to add the metadata.

For examples of how to do it in badly written code, see https://github.com/CCHits/Website/blob/master/CLI/library.php#L674-L698 (OGA) and https://github.com/CCHits/Website/blob/master/CLI/library.php#L766-L784 (MP4)


Over at lpxshow they gave alists of podcasts that appeal to their readers.





Is there a Python one? I can see they do Python courses but no link to a podcast.


Not quite a podcast - but a decent album from Sligo.



+1 Essential listening


A Python podcast which I find quite good (depending on the interviewee) is Talk Python to Me

I find programming podcasts usually quite hard to get into, but I think the presenter on this one does a decent job of asking interesting questions and hitting the right notes with their podcast.

I almost always end up looking up the project(s) mentioned.


Yeah, I do listen to that, it’d just be nice to have small updates on the community as well as long interviews.

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