Podcast Suggestions (other than BV)


“Off the Hook”?


any particular reason for that?

Checked it out. Seems ok. Didn’t hear anything too freakishly exciting.


a couple actually:

there are the adverts, which are just done in a nauseating way.
than there is the incredible self absorbedness and unjustified arrogance, as in Chris’ twitter bio:

also, many things they say exude disingeniousness in groundless positivity.
there is no sense of intellectual stringency and consistency in their shows, which I can’t stand.
and i simply don’t like their tone.

let me make clear that I exempt some of the peripheral members of their group from that, like the BSD people, Marting Wimpress and largely Alan Pope.


Have you ever listened to unfilter? I find it to be a nice alternative to Adam Curry’s “No Agenda.” Far more grounded, and delves far less into crackpot territotry (three words: Israeli Moon Bases.) I think the target audience for JB is the linux sysadmin crowd, and not the hardcore side of it, so yeah, it lacks some edge. Positivity isn’t always a bad thing.

The alternative is the podcast equivalent of the Bastard Operator From Hell, which I would very much like to see, but haven’t run into.

I think I feel the same way you feel about JB regarding Everyday Linux.


yes I have. It’s an example of a mindset I find annoying: thinking that technology is the answer to political, social and all other problems, and that technology-people know best about everything, in the meantime ignoring actual knowledge about the issues.
I find the conspiracy stuff a bit lazy and not that far from no agenda, and that’s not because i have any confidance in ‘the system’.

in terms of positivity, i like the kind of it found in linux voice better.

Aside from that, I recently found Tuxjam, which is a bit like Linux Luddites, but with music and stark scottish accents.


I actually find most of the Jupiterbroadcasting shows pretty entertaining. As far as commercials most podcasts clients let you jump 30 seconds at a time…some even more… So commercial comes on, I click a couple times and it’s like it wasn’t even there.

I also like This Week in Google for news on the cloudy type services.


So, I just listened to a whole episode of “Off the Hook.” Emannualle Goldstein from 2600 basically runs the thing. My reaction to the podcast is about the same as it is to 2600: There’s some interesting EFF, and community stuff, but the meaty technical discussions are somewhat absent.

What I’d like in a podcast, is something like a snarky DefCon talk.

Something like:

In weekly podcast form.
Snarky, technical. That’s the mix for me.


I’ve been looking for some more podcasts for a while too. I’ve never really managed to get into other Linux and Open Source podcasts.

The only other 2 I listen to are:

  • Friday Night Comedy from BBC Radio 4
  • International Waters

I’m going to try some of the suggestions from these posts out though :smile:


Outside of the Linux world, the various podcasts at the escapist are a great place to keep up with comics, movies, video games etc…


Thumbs up on that one, absolutely! It’s actually the first podcast I really got into. Kris and Allan really know some stuff.
And the other Jupiter Broadcasting stuff is definitely worth watching it as well.

Oh, and don’t forget BSDtalk! http://bsdtalk.blogspot.com/ :slight_smile:


Love podcasts and wrote this list up for g+ a while ago. Many are already mentioned in this thread.

Daily Tech New Show (DTNS) what it sounds like. fun and informative. Hosted by Tom Merritt with guests. It’s very well done and keeps getting better.

Bad Voltage - linux stuffs fer the most part, also tech, round table, funny, and definitely the best Linux podcast I’ve found. Interviews and reviews. Smart without being overly technical

Canadaland - discussion of the media landscape; interviews, opinions.

Hardcore History - Dan Carlin’s entertaining, in-depth look at different historical events -I didn’t know I liked history before listening to this podcast. Dan Carlin’s background is in broadcasting (great voice) and is not a professional historian. Really well produced.

Hacker Public Radio - community driven podcasts on various topics, from hacking the kernel to making a fire.

The SciPhiShow - philosophical discussion using scifi as a touchstone. good discussion. Worth checking if’n ya like scifi and/or philosophy.

Ideas (CBC) -ideas about ideas. arts, science, religion, philosophy, books, ethics, etc. It’s hit and miss which episodes I enjoy (just not into all the topics) but when it’s good it’s great.

The Joe Rogan Experience - Discussion, mostly interview, long form, some GREAT guests from many walks of life, from artists to scientists. I despised ‘Fear Factor’ and I have little interest in MMA so I thought I wouldn’t like this show, but it’s great. Rogan is open and real and asks interesting questions. He’s a bit open to conspiracy-type ideas but this is more endearing than annoying. Seriously, check this podcast out despite any preconceived ideas you have about it. Joe’s a smart cat and he has some incredible guests.

Mission Log: A Roddenberry Start Trek Podcast - best ST podcast out there. ep. by ep. overview, trivia, behind the scenes, discussion of ‘messages, morals, meanings’ -this is a ST podcast for ST fans -the kind who aren’t afraid to hear that some episodes of ST weren’t always great.

No Such Thing As A Fish - from the writers of QI (if you don’t know the show, it’s a long running British TV show that points out interesting facts). Round table, the hosts offer interesting, oft little known facts about…everything.

bathPod Public Lecture Podcast - Long form, lectures from various presenters, ‘leaders’ in sceince, art, politics. Good stuff; I treat it as a grab-bag.

The Titanium Physicists - a podcast about physics by phycisists; it generally tries to to explain some of the ideas in physics to non-physicists. It’s a great show; the only thing I’m not a fan of is the intro which is a take off on Iron Chef -it’s fun and al, just not my bag.l

Quirks and Quarks (CBC) -Weekly science news hosted by Bob Macdonald -typically 4 or five science stories and interviews with scientists involved in the stories. Plus everybody’s favourite, Q and A shows.

Radiolab (WNYC) most people know of this podcast: stories that often start as science and end with a human story -or vice versa. Great presentation, point of view… wonderful music.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - Adam Savage and co discussing interesting things: from ‘making’ to tv, books, cooking, etc. Regular episodes marked as ‘spoilercasts’ where they discuss movies, and most recently, books. Fun and interesting.

This Week in Tech (TWiT) - round table, indepth discussion of the weeks tech news, hosted by Leo Laporte and various guests from the tech industry or tech media. One of my fave. weekly podcasts. fun. insightful.

Triangulation (TWiT) - long form interview with influential and interesting people in tech and related. Hosted by Laporte it’s very well done and he gets some great guests.

Under the Influence (CBC/Pirate Radio & Television) -Terry O’reilly hosts an interesting, informative and fun look at the advertising industry. Something I never thought I’d be interested in.

Welcome to Nightvale - spooky funny irreverent fiction set in the fictional town of Nightvale. presented as ‘Community updates’. Think Twin Peaks, Northern Exposure, The Twilight Zone.

Wiretap (CBC) a mix of fiction and non, presented/written by Jonathan Goldstein, a few recurring characters, and interesting guests. erm ‘quirky’ is an easy way to describe it.

WTF with Marc Maron - long form interview with comedians, artists, actors, etc. Hosted and produced by Maron, a guy who likes cats and whose comedy I like.


@VXXii this is an excellent list. Makes me want to listen to a whole bunch of them! You may like Futility Closet.


If you haven’t listened to Welcome to Nightvale. You might be trapped in the dog park


Thanks for this - will check it out based just on your description.

I would also like to ++ Linux Luddites.

And I don’t think anyone mentioned The Sunday Morning Linux Review. I have only discovered it recently - have probably listened to half a dozen episodes. This show has its ups and downs for me, but I really like the mostly unstructured “3 friends talking about Linux” feel of the show - which has sometimes come off a little boring on other podcasts, but in this case not so, IMO. Overall it’s a nice relaxing show to listen to during the commute or etc.


The Podnutz network has some good shows but I mainly listen to Linux For The Rest Of Us. I look forward to Cody and Door’s enthusiasm and banter every week.


I recently listened to a couple of episodes of Freakshow. It’s a funny but rather lengthy show on IT stuff with a heavy Mac focus.

As it is done by some CCC people and other German hackers it is in German, but since the BV community is so awesomely global, that shouldn’t stand in everybody´s way. (Also, on the fly translation of spoken word would be cool, no?)


One more to the list: The Changelog


Another +1 for The Joe Rogan Experience.

Like @VXXii mentioned, Mr. Rogan’s past/current engagements may not seem particularly convincing (he does have a great sense of humor and sense of irony, with “I’m a meathead, what the actual f**k do I know about this subject” -attitude) but I find his podcast to be one of the best. Great guests, interesting topics; he is a very patient interviewer, allowing the guest talk as much as they want.

Along Rogan’s podcast is Bryan Callen and Hunter Maats’ podcast, “The Bryan Callen Show.” Shorter than Rogan’s but equally interesting guests with quite deep and well-balanced analysis of a given subject.


In the world of medicine, “BV” is a common abbreviation for a medical condition called bacterial vaginosis, which is about as gross as it sounds. Humbly submit that the show’s name be shortened in a less potentially disturbing way. :smile:


I have to express my thanks for this one. The shows on this podcast can be downright funny. Sparks Nevada: Marshal on Mars is about my favorite. A funny, yet kind of disturbing, thing they did a couple of times on that show is that, the setting being in the 31st century, there was evidence that Windows is still being used!

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