Map of the Bad Voltage Community

We know we have the greatest community in the world. This is clear. We are awesome. Every one of us. Even @sil.

Well, thanks to @Pierre, we can now see our full global spread:

This is the real community - not random downloads, spiders, and bots, but this map shows where people with active accounts on are. This is legit.

It is awesome to see such a global Bad Voltage family growing.

Keep spreading the word, folks! We need you to share the show with your friends, family, colleagues, and everyone else. Every bit of passion and sharing helps.

We could grow our community into quite something… :slight_smile:

And by “global” you mean North America, Europe and ten people somewhere else?

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Wow, who peed in your cornflakes? :smile:


Not making a massive impression on China yet. What’s Chinese for “Sausage Fingers is singing AC/DC in the shower again”?

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Surprised by the low penetration into Russia.

Needing help here! I am assuming the map shows the results in color. Unfortunately, I’m a bit color-blind. I’m just seeing a map. :frowning:

sorry, just a bit of buzzword allergy.

Is there a way to have this map and zoom close?

Wonder how Jono generated it.

I believe it was generated using @Pierre github repo

Yes @newky, that’s correct :smile:

Shit I didn’t think about this… What shape/color would be better for you to see?

Currently the exported map has a resolution of 1919×990. This can be modified in the script by changing the dpi argument on line 91

Generally speaking, any feedback/issue/improvements are welcome :slight_smile:

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That’s like asking a tone deaf person if he prefers c# :smile: No worries! I copied the jpg and enlarged it a bit and could discern the spots. Really neat thing you’ve done there!

While I do think this is neat and really don’t care that people know that I live in central Kansas, USA, this did make me wonder about some privacy concerns. Can ones location be found by an ip address? How close to ones physical location can it get to? How can these ip addresses be obtained?

Like I said, it doesn’t concern me, personally, but it did raise these questions in my pointy head.

if you have ever used google to search for the programme of a cinema or tried to watch tv online, or visited any number of censored websites in your respective country, you may have noticed that the result is locally distinct. this because ip addresses are local, so that if you connect directly to a site, i. e. not over a vpn or tor, your location will be communicated in the process. I am not exactly sure, but this is about as fine grained as per metropolitan area at least.

You can find the location associated with an IP address only to limited accuracy this site says I’m in London, England. I’m not I’m in England but not London. I’m about 70 miles north of London so I’m guessing they are just using the registered address of my ISP as its public record who owns which block of IP addresses

Is there enough data in the map to increase the resolution appreciatively? I have no clue as to what to do with the script, but am thinking of looking into that. Something I’m needing to learn anyway.

Basemap provides NASA Blue Marble satellite picture by default. You can define the projection and the resolution of the map in line 87 (see Basemap documentation for more info). Then on line 91 you can set up the output to have a higher dot per inch, which results in more pixels, so a bigger picture. Be careful though, higher resolutions of Basemap are slightly longer to generate.

Let me know if you need other info.

Yep, nothing to worry about in terms of privacy. Also, we won’t be showing usernames on any of our maps: we want to ensure that we protect everyone’s privacy.

For a split second my poor brain tried to find the connection between musicallity and preferences to programming languages :smile:

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Not even @bryanlunduke? :smile:

I hope you were not thinking I was implying that there was a privacy issue specifically to BV. Forgive me, please, if I gave that impression. It did bring up general privacy questions to my mind, so I asked.

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