Podcast Suggestions (other than BV)


So we all (most likely) listen to Bad Voltage, but it is among a lot of other podcasts. I thought people might enjoy sharing the other podcasts you listen to. This should not be limited to technology podcasts, in fact I often find the best new podcasts are ones that introduce me to an area I’m less familar with. I think we should put an emphasis on podcasts which are still running.

A loose list of mine;


  1. Bad Voltage
  2. Linux Voice Podcast
  • great podcast by a great group of Linux guys. Graham has been on BV.


  1. Dan Carlins Hardcore History
  • infrequent, long but enjoyable podcast.

World News

  1. Irish times world view.
  • Good for catching up with world news that is easy to overlook or misunderstood. Presentation style is a bit serious.

Other stuff

  1. RadioLab
  • Really fantastic podcast, content is amazing and well put together and about an hour long. Love to see a new one of these in my feed.
  1. Planet Money
  • Another wonderful offering, by NPR, very interesting snippets in varying lengths, very very few of which I don’t come out the other side being more knowledagable or less entertained.
  1. This American Life
  • Only recently subscribed, and haven’t listened to one in earnest as of yet. I’ve heard good things.


  1. Off the ball
  • Irish radio show podcasts. Excellent sports coverage, but a little local specific.
  1. Second Captains
  • Irish podcast on all sorts of sports. Again has an irish focus, but the presenters are highly entertaining
  1. Slate’s Hang Up and listen
  • A podcast to keep me in touch with the American side of sports. I’m an infrequent listener.

For podcast management I use:

  • Antennapod on Android (opensource and a pretty nice app).
  • Gpodder on Linux.


Tech / Linux
Bad Voltage of course
Ubuntu UK from the Ubuntu UK Loco team

The Infinite Monkey Cage: A BBC Radio 4 program with professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince. It’s not on at the moment but when it is I am usually at work so I listen to the podcast.

More or Less: Another BBC Radio 4 radio program I am never around to hear when broadcast. Tim Harford investigates numbers in the news. Numbers are used in every area of public debate. Questioning their reliability and putting them into context.


Perhaps the only Linux show on the Internet that isn’t about Linux- Everyday Linux is about life in the context of Linux. News, commentary, humor, and of course bacon await you in this rambling wreck of a show… but if you’re not careful, you may accidentally learn something along the way.

Everyday Linux

I’m listening to it since 2 years ago.


This is really good stuff: http://www.thenakedscientists.com

"The Naked Scientists are a media-savvy group of physicians and researchers from Cambridge University who use radio, live lectures, and the Internet to strip science down to its bare essentials, and promote it to the general public. Their award winning BBC weekly radio programme, The Naked Scientists, reaches a potential audience of 6 million listeners across the east of England, and also has an international following on the web.

Each week, listeners of all ages and backgrounds tune in on a Sunday evening to hear creator Dr. Chris Smith, together with his entertaining sidekicks, interview renowned scientists and researchers from all over the world and take science questions on any subject live from the listening public.

In addition to the radio show, the group has organised Naked Science at Borders, a public lecture series enabling the community to attend informative presentations given by some of the UK’s most celebrated scientists. They have also put together this website to allow the radio show, lectures, and much more to be accessible world-wide. According to Dr. Smith, the basic goal of the Naked Scientists “is to help people enjoy science as much as we do and, at the same time, to have fun.”


Won’t bore you with a full list but some worthy of mention are,

Londonist Out Loud - various stuff to see/do in London. I don’t live there but it’s an interesting city.
The Bugle - weekly satire.
Linux Luddites - …well linux.
knightwise.com - cross platform stuff.


History According to Bob - an AP history teacher’s attempt to record all of his lectures before he dies.

The Gist - well written (spoken?) podcast about politics and entertainment. Good interviews.

BSDnow - free BSD podcast.


“The Bugle”, essential listening for anybody who likes funny things.

“Sniff Petrol, with Gareth Jones on Speed”, if you like cars and/or Motorsport.

“Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast” if you like toilet humor and in-jokes.

And although it’s finished, it’s well worth looking up Armstrong and Miller’s “Timeghost” podcast, which is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in the last few years.


I can’t recommend 99% Invisible strongly enough. Other stuff I’ve been digging lately:


I probably listen to too many podcasts. Other than BV, I’m a big fan of these:




  • StarTalk Radio - Science and techology interviews and FAQs by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Weird and usually funny but mostly weird:

To manage all this mess I use gPodder on Linux and Podax on Android, which allows me to sync my subscriptions between my desktop and my phone using gPodder’s online service.


I created CCHits.net, an automated daily, weekly and monthly podcast playing creative commons music. The daily “exposure show” plays a single track, unplayed on the daily shows, while the weekly “review show” collates that week’s daily tracks, and the top three rated tracks from the previous week’s daily shows. The monthly “chart show” plays the forty top rated tracks across the site.

The music for this site is sourced from TheBugCast.org, ourobouros.co.uk, thevastexpanse.com and a handful of others.

I also enjoy Linux Luddites, Ubuntu UK Podcast and Security Now.


I really like Hello Internet. It’s a “two guys talking”-podcast by CPG Grey and Brady Haran, who both have educational youtube channels (CPGGrey, Numberphile, Computerphile, PeriodicTable, etc.). It’s one of those podcasts in which you can feel the absolute joy they have recording it.

I can also recommend No Such Thing As A Fish, from the Elves behind BBC’s QI, Freakonimics radio, the previously mentioned Planet Money and Radiolab(!).

Lastly, if you’re somewhat of a Tolkien fan you should check out The Tolkien Professor for some really thorough analysis of Tolkien’s work.


The podcasts of stuff you should know are also realy nice
I listen to stuff you should know, stuff you never learned in history class and stuff mom never told you (getting to know the female word a bit better)


My current favorites:

Accidental Tech Podcast: Apple oriented, Siracusa ranting.
Android Developers Live: People working on Android at Google talking about Android. API’s and subsystems.
The Entrepreneurs: Interviewing people that are running small businesses.
The Full Ratchet: VC stuff from the VC’s perspective. Start from the beginning.
Hardcore History: Yeay history
Internet History Podcast: History of the internet. Start from the beginning
IRL Talk: Geek culture
Slate Money: Felix Salmon weekly on current economic issues
StartUp: Planet Money guy starts a startup. Start from the beginning


In relation to Free Software, Free as in Freedom with Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn deserves a mention - FSF-ish perspective on political, legal and community matters in FLOSS.

On the off chance you speak German, Logbuch Netzpolitik (on internet-related politics) is interesting, along with other suff by Tim Pritlove in his Metaebene project, and Staatsbürgerkunde is a kind of cool project on life in the East Germany pre-'90.

And there is a bunch of interesting philosophy podcast, varying in length, depth and profanity density:
Philosophy Bites (15-20 min short, varying depth depending on topic, no profanity),
The Partially examined Life (~2h long, extensive but at times cursory discussion, some profanity),
Very Bad Wizards (hour long, quite current despite disavowing all seriousness, lots of profanity).


That is a cool project - but I am not sure the automatic voiceover adds much while being a bit annoying. Perhaps just have a static human intro pointing to the site for details on tracks, or something?


I never miss an episode of Security Now. I also listen to FLOSS Weekly off and on - I miss @jonobacon on it.


Hey chaymard,

Thanks for the feedback! So, yes, it’s not the first time I’ve heard complaints about the voiceover, or requested having a human to intro each track. This feed is probably not the best place to discuss it fully (feel free to follow up - show@cchits.net, however, I started the podcast with an intention to release a show every day, and I started it about 3 months before my first child was born. 4 years on, I am grateful for the fact I’m not recording the intro to each of the 1764 tracks, plus show and interim bumpers for each of the 1719 shows, and given the low turn-out of sites like ccjam, where, sadly they’ve only had 19 shows in around 6 months, and the last show was in September… yehr.

The system took me around 3 or so months to code it’s current back end, and has now been running in it’s current form for about 2 years. It uses Festival, Sox and PHP to build the site, and I currently have a backlog of around 9 months of unplayed tracks. While I intend to update the code, I’m not planning to revise the show format massively (unless you want to help out, and can provide some persuasive arguments and/or alternative text to use :slight_smile: )

All of that said, it’s not written or managed in a vaccum - CCHits.net was inspired by, and supported by some brilliant podcasts and podcasters, and without them, the site and system would have probably started up, let alone still be running 4 years on.

Thanks again for giving it a listen… oh, and I should add, all the site data is CC0 licensed, the API is fully accessible, and if you want to do something to show me what you’d want to hear/see/something-else, please do and let me know.


I really enjoy Security Now, but I’ve also just started listening to relatively two new podcasts - Let’s Talk Calmly About Security and Privacy and The Security Influencers Channel. Both of these approach security in a much less OMG-Let’s-Panic! way than SN.


I’m surprised no one has mentioned the one, the only Jupiter Broadcasting - with the Linux Action Show.

Also, for the life of me I have not been able to find a podcast that emobodies the hacker attitude. I’ve seen some security podcasts, but they’ve been pretty meh in my opinion. I wish hack-a-day still had a podcast.


if you speak german, there is alternativlos, which is by hackers anyways.

i find LAS etc excruciating.

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