Feedback Requested: How to spread the word about Bad Voltage?

I want to kick off a discussion to brainstorm some ideas about how we can spread the word about Bad Voltage and get more people listening to the show. I feel we have really hit our stride recently and the formula is getting more solidified, and our community has grown nicely here on the forum. We just need more people to come and be part of the Bad Voltage family.

So, I want to open it up to everyone…what ideas do you have for how we can spread the word about the show and spread it further afield?

Suggestions and ideas are welcome!

Maybe changing the subliminal message of “Jono is great” that is presently in the boot up sound of Ubuntu with “Listen to Bad Voltage. You will OBEY!”

I have a few Muslim friends on freedom heating faecesbook, so I had to explain my new avatar. Accidental spillover; one or two peops. will maybe visit whereto I posted a link.

I think it would be a good idea to try to address the former LugRadio listeners because I have the feeling lots of them aren’t aware of Bad Voltage.

Not a bad idea.

I’m also amazed at how many Original-LAS fans discover Bad Voltage each week. I had assumed most of them knew about it… but turns out they’re slowly finding out. (I think some of the announcements get lost in the social media flood every week.)

Good idea. The tough thing is that there isn’t really a central place to address them all (the LugRadio forum went away many moons ago).

It seems to me what we need more of is general promotion of topics on the show. For example, in the last show (E22) we covered Creative Commons, Open Hardware, LinuxVoice and more - it would be great if our community promoted the show in different avenues went we go live. This will then help to spread the word much further.

Another potential area is to interview more famous people and encourage them to tweet about it…this hitting their feeds more.

Any other ideas?

Not sure if any of you presenters get invited much to other venues, if so, then there is always the shameless promotion. I do talk about the show to others. But, as most of you have come to realize, many just humor me so I’ll go away!

Jono: the forum may have gone but the Lug Radio Show website is still live. Assuming you still have access you could put an announcement on the home page with a link to this site.

I’ve added a post to Fedora Forum as I used to be quite active there. Maybe everyone should make a post on their (other) favourite forum.

Feeling at bit dim, that have not posted a link at - will do so now.

Good idea - @sil, can you put a big banner or something over the top of the LR website to point out that Bad Voltage is where the action is at now?

This would be a great way of helping: just spread the word across a range of different forums. I will kick off a new thread and encourage people to share their posts. :smile:

Yes I agree that we should reach out to the JB community so they know about this show. I also think that if we are in the irc room that would help as well, not to mention posting on Reddit

This is really the only forum I frequent, so …

Hey everyone, check out this awesome podcast, Bad Voltage! It’s like Top Gear, but for geeks!


Guarantee that, if you post it to the Linux Action Show sub-Reddit, it will be deleted pronto.

Looking at the traffic stats for I see that there were two (new) posts to that subreddit (in the last day alone) that linked to my site. And they have already been nixed by their mods. If it has my name anywhere near it, the JB crew will delete it. Just how it works.

It’s like… math ‘n’ stuff.


I am genuinely surprised at that. OK, fine, beef with you, and I won’t delve into the details there, but the rest of us haven’t done anything. That’s terribly petty.

How about Reddit Ads across a few tech subreddits?

Good idea. How do you get reddit ads?

Yeah… But it’s nothing new. That has been going on since I left. It’s no big deal really – not like the LAS subreddit is huge or anything. Definitely rather amusing how often it’s happened though. And bow howdy do they throw a hissy fit if you mention it (or even just type my name).

Maybe if someone makes a post without my name on it it might sneak through the anti-Bryan moderators?

Definitely a solid idea! I’d toss a few buckazoids into a Bad Voltage ad fund to kick start that…

I tried.

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