Call To Arms! Share Bad Voltage on your fave forums

On a different thread we have been discussing ways to spread the shower further and wider. This will result in more listeners, more people on the forum, and just more fun. :smile:

A suggestion for doing this was made by @joe to share Bad Voltage on your (other) fave forums, obviously in a way that is not considered spamming…more sharing a podcast that others might think is interesting too.

So, I wanted to ask everyone here to post a message about Bad Voltage to your fave forums and share the link here so we can go and see it (and the resulting discussion). Most awesome shares will be mentioned on the show!

To make this simple, here is some text you can use (feel free to edit!):

Hi Everyone,

Apologies if some of you already know about this, but I thought this would be interesting to share. I recently started listening to a pretty awesome podcast called Bad Voltage (

The show is about Open Source and technology, but also covers free culture, politics, music, gaming, and more. The show features interviews with interesting people and full and frank reviews.

What really grabs me about Bad Voltage more than anything is the personalities and banter between the four hosts (Jono Bacon (ex-LugRadio/Shot Of Jaq, Jeremy Garcia (Linux Questions Podcast), Stuart Langridge (ex-LugRadio/Shot Of Jaq), Bryan Lunduke (ex-Linux Action Show). The show is amusing, fun, and informative.

There is also an awesome community forming at that discusses the topics on the show and many other topics too.

When you post your thread, please share the link here so we can all check it out. The best shares will be mentioned on the show!

Thanks so much for helping to grow our community…every little helps. :slight_smile:


Bad Voltage Is a podcast about Linux and stuff. The crew are four known names; Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Stuart Langridge and Bryan Lunduke. Published every other Thursday with a well produced, sharp and humorous episode. Last episode (ep. 1x22) published Thursday, August 7."

comment from mjjzf
"It’s a bit like a toothless version of Lugradio with the most annoying element from Linux Action Show …
But it confirms my impression that Jeremy is an appealing guy."

Must we say that you guys are pretty? :smile:

Ubuntu Forum

Ubuntu Discourse

I’m not familiar with mjjzf, but (s)he appears to be an astute erudite person. Much appreciated.


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Another thing I like about Jeremy, is that I am often having to look up the definition of words, like “erudite.” Thanks Jeremy for expanding my vocabulary. I just wish you could do something for my memory, for I will likely forget it.

@jeremy has word of the day toilet paper.

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