Welcome and Introductions!

Welcome to the new Bad Voltage Community!

This is the place to get to know other BV listeners, suggest topics/interviews/reviews, discuss other topics, organize events and anything else!

Feel free to sign up with a free account and post a quick introduction to who you are in this thread. This will help us all get to know each other!

I will get us started.

I am Jono Bacon, and I am one of the founders of Bad Voltage. I work as the Ubuntu Community Manager, wrote The Art of Community, and run the Community Leadership Summit. I love music and have released a bunch of Creative Commons music, and I am in BBQ and gaming. :slight_smile:

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Aha, an introduction!

I’m Stuart Langridge. I do, well… things. As and when necessary. I run my own consultancy and custom development company, I do a whole bunch of JavaScript stuff, and I complain about the music in my local pub on Friday nights on Twitter. Another of the things I do, of course, is Bad Voltage. And cooking. Bad Voltage, cooking, and mobile apps. And reading. And board games. And buy Bryan Lunduke’s books. And…

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I’m Mike, and I got imported into the Bad Voltage community from LUGRadio. I write software for anyone who can pay me (as well as for a number of projects that can’t), I also play with robots and AI stuff.


Hi I’m Jorge! Long time LUGRadio listener, drinking buddies with Jeremy.

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Brace from IRC here. Listened to LugRadio and attended the first LRL. Looking forward to lots more BadVoltage.

mrben from IRC, and longtime Lugradio listener too.

I’m Mark, old-time LugRadio fanboy, Ubuntu Podcast presenter, OggCamp organiser, occasional hacker, even more occasional bass player, general geek.

Hello! I’m Iain - iainfarrell on IRC - original eh? Former London dweller living in North Yorkshire with my lovely wife and our excitable puppy!

Hi, I’m Jens (german name), i don’t know the LUG radio and never joined your irc channel. ;] I found you guys in (or “on” ?) twitter and realy liked the first three episodes. My englisch is pretty bad, so i hope to improve my language knowledge and learn something about geeky things, while listening to you.

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Nice to “meet” you, Jens. Your English is pretty excellent, actually; I know this because an email from you featured in the latest show, out any minute now :slight_smile:

Salutations, fellow bad poetry writers and likely nerdicles of all stripe! I’ve been a long time Linux Action Show Listener, and I’ve quite enjoyed Jono’s self published albums and I certainly enjoyed Shot of Jack (Jaq?) I’ve been a software dev since 1995, I’m a father of three and I bike 22 miles a day to and from work. Even if its 22F outside.
I don’t watch TV, I rarely watch movies, but I absorb podcasts on the ride.

I also have a blog: http://blog.bitratchet.com/ where I post photography, code and cycling thots.

Hi, I’m James, a Canadian student studying in China. Specifically Hangzhou, if that means anything to anyone. I’m relatively new to the open source world, as well as general nerdery on the internet, but at least I’m working to correct that mishap.

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

I’m jeremy and am one of the Bad Voltage quadrumvirate. I founded LQ, which has now morphed into The Questions Network. Similar to Stuart, I do… things. Also, occasionally, stuff.

Hello. I’m an ElvisBot. I respond to mentions of Ubuntu & Marmite and misuse of the non-word “irregardless”.
I gave my Son geeky initials (SMP) after a conversation in #lugradio on freenode 7 years ago.

Fact of the day: I have been drinking with 58.333333333% of the people who have so far responded in this thread.

Likes: Tea in large mugs
Dislikes: All current incarnations of the USB port specification


My name is Bryan. You may remember me from an obviously inferior show that I used to do. And other things.


B1ackcr0w. Tikerer, Boring.

Likes: Messing with Popey’s stats.
Dislikes: Likes and Dislikes lists.

I see what you did there. :slight_smile:

I read it as “dislikes likes” and “dislikes lists” :smile:

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