The Bad Voltage Selfie Competition!

OK, folks, here we are with our very first Bad Voltage competition. The goal here is to have some fun and provide an opportunity to win some prizes!

How It Works

This is a dead simple and fun competition to join. All you need to do is download this PDF poster, print it out, and take a photo of you holding it. The most original or amusing photos can win a collection of free books from O’Reilly.

In terms of being original, think creatively - you might want to take your photo in front of a cool building/landmark, maybe strike an amusing pose, maybe visually mock a member of the Bad Voltage team. It is up to you!

The Prizes

Thanks to our friends at O’Reilly, we are offering the folowing prize packs:

  • Winner - the winner can pick any five O’Reilly books which will be sent to you free of charge.
  • Runner Up - the runner up can pick any three O’Reilly books which will be sent to you free of charge.

Please Note: O’Reilly can’t send print books to some territories, in which case the winners will be provided with e-books. Of course, those of you who are in valid territories can also request e-books if preferred.

How To Take Part

Taking part is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Download this PDF poster.
  2. Print it out.
  3. Take your photo with you holding the poster - the poster must be clearly visible.
  4. Post your picture online somewhere (e.g. Twitter/Blog/Flickr) and then post a link to your post on this thread. You will get a bonus point if you also embed the photo in this thread too. You can do this by adding this to your post: <img src="link-to-your-pic-online">
  5. Wait patiently for us to announce the results on Season 1 Episode 10 of Bad Voltage (released on Wed 26th February 2014).

The closing date for submissions is Tuesday 25th February 2014

You can submit as many photos as you like, so get snapping!


Some simple rules:

  • Any sexist/racist/pornographic/illigal or other offensive content is not eligable.
  • You must pose with the poster; if you and the poster are not seen together, the entry will not count.
  • The poster must be clearly visible.
  • All judging decisions are final. There is no fancy judging system here: just which ones the presenters like most.
  • All entries must be submitted no later than the Tuesday 25th March 2014.
  • We may use your photo on the Bad Voltage website in a cool montage or something to show how awesome our listeners are. If you don’t want this, let us know in your submission post on this thread.
  • Complaining and bickering if you don’t win will be ignored.

Many thanks to our friends at

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I have to say, MASSIVE props to BV & O’Reilly. Their books are just the absolute bomb in the Tech sector. God knows how many times they have got me out of the poo at work and taught me stuff that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to work out for myself.

Very cool prize. Me likey. Me likey a lot.

I kinda thought this is as much of my face as you wanted to see :smile:

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Nice! First pic in the contest!

Looking at that pic. I’ve just realised i’ve got Extreme Cranial Encephalitis.

I’m a new member so I can’t post photos. Argh.

The text on the poster may have been changed slightly :smile:

BC to the rescue!


Fanks :smiley:

I did actually mean to add a smiley to the end of that pic :smiley:

Here’s my entry. Keep up the great show. My cards against humanity should arrive any day now, thanks for the review!

I’m trying to embed my image but I keep getting an error that reads: ‘Sorry, new users can’t put images in posts.’ I tried a couple of forum posts first but still no joy.

I have provided a hyperlink instead - I will edit this post if and when I can put img tags in sucessfully.

link to image here


For convenience, this is @cedeon’s entry:

Comedy! :slight_smile:

I need to find a printer in my university, it was kind of hard :wink:


I just wanted to bump this thread - there is only a week left to get your selfies in - the contest wraps-up on Tues 25th Feb 2014!

We really can’t get enough of Bad Voltage :smile:
link to image

After numerous attempts to catch a shot with the spark, my place really smelled like some Bad Voltage :smiley:

link to image and an attempt

Here are two with me and my son.

Here is me with my O’Reilly books.

Me with the current book I’m reading.

Me with one of my favorite books.

In the mirror. Used GIMP to get it to print correctly.

Holy moly, we are getting some awesome entries in - keep 'em coming!