Competition ideas?

Ladies and gents,

A while back we ran the Bad Voltage Selfie Competition ( The Bad Voltage Selfie Competition! ) which was a lot of fun.

We want to run more competitions and contests that get our community engaged and having fun.

Ideas on cool, fun, and interesting things we could do?

Dynamite Hamster Vines?

No takers for Dynamite Hamster Vines then? Man that would have delivered some good value publicity.

Anyway, I’ve had a better idea. The Bad Voltage Retro Tech Challenge. Quite simply, getting Bad Voltage on the best retro tech you can lay your hands on. I think there should be two categories. 1. for machines that can actually playback a Bad Voltage Episode (or part of one). 2. For machines with no Audio, just to output “I love me some Bad Voltage”.

The winner won’t neccesarily be the oldest tech, just being a smart arse and doing a cave painting would be good effort, but kind of missing the point for a tech show. Extra credit for tech that is obscure, rare or unusual in some respect.

I love this idea. Going to start grokking on this one…


Ahah, if I could put my hands on my Amstrad PCW, I would try to revive it for that competition! It’s a little bit far from me at the moment, though…

So we all love the retro tech competition. I am just working on getting a cool prize for the winner. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Ah, the dear old Amstrad PCW 9512. Gamely facing the brave new world of the mid 90s armed with CP/M, LocoScript, a 3 1/2 inch floppy (!?), a monchrome screen and a Daisywheel Printer that made a noise like Iron Man having one off the wrist.

Actually my dad had a PCW 8256! Green and black monochrome screen, dot matrix printer, and a 3 inches floppy drive (whereas all the other computers were using 3 1/2 inches…)

It was pretty awesome, though. It stopped working one day, and many years after, while I was looking for a new floppy drive to replace the broken one, someone explained me I simply needed to change the rubber that was allowing the floppy drive to rotate… and it worked. Try to do that with a macbook air now :smiley:

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