TF2 Server Beta Test March 22 19:00 UTC

This event has already happened.

Now that the TF2 server is up and running, @dankles and I want to give it a good test before we have a “real” match to be announced on the podcast. The test will be starting at 19:00 UTC. This should allow everyone in both the US and UK to get to bed at a reasonable time. Check here for times converted into EDT, CDT, MDT, and PDT.

If you will be able to make it, please RSVP below so we have an idea how many people are interested

Server details are available here. On the day of the test, please check back at this post for the password to the server as I will be setting one for the event to avoid unwanted interruptions. Unfortunately, @dankles himself will be unable to make it because of his work schedule, but I hope we can work something out better in the future.


The more the merrier! Thanks @MetaNova!

Good choice - I think I can make that. +1

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Awesome! Could you mod/admin me in the Steam group so I can add information there?

I might well be aroundthen, if so I’ll try to pop in :slight_smile:


All done for you! Admin away!

I saw you log in, but any attempt to communicate with you failed and you ended up leaving a little later. I tried using in-game text chat, voice chat, and steam text chat, and couldn’t get ahold of you.

Hey all,

How did it go?

Did everything go to plan?

We are recording tomorrow, so do you have a time to schedule the first community gaming showdown?


The server is working quite well. I’ve created a post with information for this Saturday. Feel free to announce that on the podcast. :slight_smile: Hopefully we’ll get a larger crowd.

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