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Greetings Bad Voltage Team,

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I’ve setup a Team Fortress 2 game server for us to play on as per the referenced thread above. I’m planning on doing a “test” run this Sunday (23rd of this Month which is short notice…). Unfortunately I work both Friday and Saturday, hence Sunday, but everyone likes to stay indoors on Sunday anyways right?

Here are the server details:

Port: 27015 (this is the default tf2 port, so you shouldn’t need this)

Max Players: 24
Bots: 10 (set to fill mode so bots will drop out as players join)

I have a Mumble server setup as well for voice chat:

Port: 64738 (default port)

I’m going to start it at 7:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM PST. I realize that’s very late for any Europeans that may want to play, but this is only a test run from which hopefully we can start some sort of competition out of later on. We can try and fit it to a better timeframe next go-round as well.

TF2 runs on Mac, Linux and Windows. You can get the game for free on steam:
System requirements are fairly modest as well. Should run on just about anything.

The more we have join, the better. I’m trying to get a couple of my own buddies to play as well (great way to intro folks to the show/community).

If anyone has any map suggestions let me know. There are certain map types that bots won’t work on, but hopefully we get enough people playing that it won’t be an issue.

Any feedback is welcome!

– Dankles

Due to some server issues after a patch update from Valve, I think we’re going to have to push this back. Mumble room still works fine, but the TF2 server is having some issues. (suck!) Thanks to those that tried to get in and participate regardless :smile:


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Awesome, @dankles! I just pinned this so we can get as much visibility on it as possible!

Thanks @jonobacon ! The more the merrier I think.

@dankles, I am travelling home today, and unfortunately I don’t think I will make the gaming session. I hope some other folks show up - if not, we can schedule one another time.

Thanks for putting this together!

I won’t be there either. Taking the wife out for a much needed date night tonight. :smile:

You can always seal the date night deal with a late night TF2 match.

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Hey Team,

Thanks for the feedback. I knew Jono wouldn’t make and I can certainly forgive date nights :wink: I’m currently having some issues with the game server anyways (hence this being a beta test). After Valve pushed a new update a couple days ago clients are unable to properly connect to the game server… not entirely sure whats going on as it was working smoothly prior. On the positive, the mumble chat is working well, but I just wanted to give a heads up on whats going on.

@dankles, sorry to hear about the technical issues. I recommend that once you have it back up and running we schedule a gaming session in a few weeks so we have time to prep.

What would be really handy is if you could decide a date/time in the next day and then we can mention it in S1E10 (we record on Wednesday) - this might encourage more folks to come and join in the fun. :slight_smile:

Yeah I didn’t want to make it a big thing for the first run, but I’ll certainly try for more advanced warning for next time. Though we did have around 12 people show up and try to play which is more than I thought we would have :smiley:

Just heard about this on the podcast. I would love to join a future event, and I’d be willing to show newer players a thing or two (I have >800 hours). If you’d like help with server admining, I’d love to help with that too. I will say that Sundays probably won’t work for me though.

You are my new best friend! Are you familiar with admining on Linux or windows TF2 servers? I’m running a Linux one right now. I can PM you details in a few days (or maybe sooner).

I’m no professional , but I’m a massive Linux nerd. I haven’t gone too far into TF2 admining (SourceMod etc.) but I could set up a stock server pretty easily. We could probably use tmux/screen and and write an init script/unit file to make our lives easier also. What kind of hosting do you have? (VPS/Dedicated/TF2 specific/etc.)

You can also find me in the Bad Voltage Steam group (as MetaNova) if you want to add me on steam.

Also, for map suggestions, I would recommend payload/king of the hill maps because they are the least stalemate-y and that you don’t have any CTF. Most of the CTF maps offer the worst TF2 experience as far as I’m concerned.

It sounds like @dankles and @MetaNova could be the perfect team to make this happen.

What I would love to see, if you guys are up for it, is to get a server up and running and agree on a date to have the first game. We can then promote this in the next show. Sound doable?


I don’t know about @dankles, but I’m already working on configuring a TF2 server locally so we could just upload the configs and be done.

I’m game!

Are you in the IRC room? That might make communication on this a bit easier. I can PM you server details once I get home tonight.

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