**Rescheduled** TF2 Match Saturday April 19, 19:00 UTC

Update: I might be an hour late, so don’t freak out of I’m not there right away

I’ve rescheduled the event on account of almost noe seeing the post yet. I want to make sure people have plenty of time to listen to the podcast and become aware of the event

Come join us for some fragging-fun on Saturday, April 19 at 19:00 UTC! Even if you are new to TF2, at least give it a try. :slight_smile: I’ll be giving out advice and gameplay tips before we get started, so you should at least get a basic understanding of the game. Make sure to bring your headsets, as communication makes the game much more fun.

I plan on setting a server password for the event, so make sure to check this thread the day of the event!

You can find details for joining the server in the TF2 server thread. Also, if @jonobacon could make the server thread sticky, that would be great. :smile:

If you plan on coming, please sound off below to give us an idea in how many are interested.

P.S. I would personally be interested in turning this into a weekly event. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.

Sounds awesome, @MetaNova - once we have a regular gaming session up and running, I will get more concrete instructions for how to join on The Matrix.

We will promote the next gaming session on the next show which is out on Thurs 10th April, which should provide a good amount of time for people to get ready. :slight_smile:

Thanks for pulling all of this together. :slight_smile:

Sure thing. I really love playing TF2, and I’m really nerdy, so I’m hoping I can find a good overlap in this community.

Plus, getting the server up and running was a fun challenge to overcome (and hopefully good experience for a future career in IT).

For sure, particularly if it becomes a popular server. :slight_smile:

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