Realtime chat with Bad Voltage listeners

Numerous other podcasts use Telegram for realtime chat.
Some others use discord

You use IRC. This is your IRC channel.

(snipped spammer in this bit)

Nobody has said anything substantial (i.e. other than “hello”) since before records began (September 1st for me).
Some of the most active, friendly and welcoming communities I’m in are not IRC and not discourse.

Time for a re-think? Should BV have somewhere for real-time chat in addition to the community site?

In my opinion, yes.

What say you?

What do we think, people? Is realtime chat a good idea? I certainly hang out in the Ubuntu Podcast and LNL channels on Telegram; should we have somewhere for BV types? If so, where? Telegram, Slack, Discord? Your thoughts are invited.

No, to telegram.

Slack yes.

Discord - do you really want to ? #memes

Oh then, again, maybe you want memes.

We have an IRC channel don’t we? (at least we used too. I seem to remember @jonobacon describing it as “It’s real-time chat”. Admittedly I have not been in IRC for a few yesr now.

That’s what @popey was describing above. Nobody uses it. I don’t; I’m not even signed into irc any more. It’s pretty annoying :slight_smile:

Yeah, for some reason my screenshots got shrunk and you can’t click them to embiggen. Basically the IRC channel is a ghost town.

To be honest - I see a major security hole in irc and telegram, in that you can pick out people’s ip

In that regard, I only feel safe here.

Speaking personally, I think there is a reason no-one is there - there is no interest or need for it. I think we have a nice little community here on the forum.

Saying that though, if someone wants to set up a channel, go-ahead - more than happy to see it happen. :slight_smile:

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I agree with Jono - and, cough, security flaws.

Largely, people feel pretty safe here - and why mess up a good thing ?

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i don’t think so. BV has relievedly low traffic, I’d like to see more but I think this site reflects the level of interest we share. We care about each others desires but do not feel the need to sit inside each others pockets.

A perfect example of this happened last year:

A close friend of mine committed suicide and a large percentage of this community gave me the support I needed to carry on.

I have no intention of naming the individuals involved but I hope they know who they are and they will always have my love.

The point being I have gained a few phone numbers and e-mail addresses who I know are there for me. I would be surprised if I am the only one in this respect.

To clarify. I’m not saying the discourse here is bad, and you should feel bad. I’m merely saying there’s an opportunity to have realtime chat which is currently implemented via IRC for this podcast community, and isn’t used.

Does that mean we don’t want to talk to eachother? I doubt it.
I actually talk to other BV listeners (and presenters) in real-time chat most days, but in other podcast channels, which feels weird. I just thought there might be a place for a room where like minded BV listeners (and presenters) might lurk and chat about things that interest them.

@jonobacon I think you’re missing something fundamental here. The reason people aren’t in the IRC channel is because frankly IRC is dead. It’s not because real-time chat isn’t needed.

That is hard for me to say. I’m the guy who was always defending IRC and Mailman mailing lists over forums and slack. But, in 2018, we are where we are. People have spoken and moved to Slack/Telegram and forums and away from Mailing lists.

To those saying “not telegram” or “not slack” it’s not a hard requirement to join and chat, just a suggestion of somewhere people can gather, chat about the latest episode, make suggestions and build a community.

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Speaking purely for myself: I like realtime chat. As I said, I hang in the channels for other podcasts and enjoy it. Having a BV thing would be cooler still. But it obviously only works if people are into it, and it needs to be something modern, so I get updates on my phone and the like. So if this happens, I’m up for it. If we prefer the forum, and more measured discourse (as per detailed discussion on this very point in 2×06) then I’m cool with that too.

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I actually set up a while back. Let’s go there. :slight_smile:

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How does one get an email?

You ask him very nicely

I have a ‘’.e-mail and website
the steps are

1, Search to find it is unique.
2. Register the domain
3. Sort out hosting: I use GoDaddy but there are several others and if you have enough need you can self host.

I know @sil also owns his own domain and I suspect others here do too.

I let GoDaddy handle step 2 & 3 for me but I suggest you do step1 yourself. It will be repeated at step 2 but you don’t want to be charged for a rejection.

Yeah, we’d need it to not require a email address, though, as oldgeek says…!

consentfactory on Twitter suggests that is useful for setting up autojoin for slack, so you may want to set up that channel at the same time.

@jeremy, your thoughts?

yep, slacks cool.

happy to open it up abit.

Who’s this fella ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Real time chat and this site are for different things - like sil says, measured discourse here, more free flowing chat on the other. I’d be happy to see a real time chat channel.

I feel qualified to bikeshed on this, so I’ll put my hand up for Telegram.

As a by-the-by, the lugradio irc channel has more people in than the badvoltage irc channel.

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I would like to chat to BV listeners and my preferred platform is Telegram so I’ve created a group. I’ve made Stuart an admin.

I hope this isn’t stepping on any toes but sometimes you just have to make things happen.

Here is the link to join

I’ve not used it specifically, but if we want a BV slack I’m happy to implement auto-join in a way that doesn’t require a Bacon-related email address.


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