Realtime chat with Bad Voltage listeners

Please do. I had no idea it was only for my email address. Just let me know how I transition it over to you.

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I think it will be hard to get everybody on one platform but my vote is for Telegram. Already joined it.

I’m not a dreadfully active member of this community… so my words may not have an awful lot of weight, but…

In general, I see Slack as being a “for working thing”, and the multitude of other IM systems (and here I include Telegram, Matrix, IRC, Signal, Threema, etc.) as being “not for work” thing.

I have a personal preference towards Matrix, because it’s a decentralized system (so, if you want to run your own node, you can) with an established and generally stable core server ( The IM supports End-2-End-Encryption for all devices in the group, and can (on demand) bridge to other chat environments (like Freenode, and slack, etc)… BUT. For some reason, people don’t seem to like Matrix (in particular, I recall @sil being vaguely not positive about it). For that reason, (and because pretty much all of the other podcasts that I listen to that have chat alongside use it), I’ve backed Telegram. As such, I’ve joined the chat there.

@jonobacon and @jeremy if you do end up setting up the slack as a preference (because that’s where more of your conversations occur… also a fine reason to prefer something like that), please add me - [email protected] :slight_smile:

So I typed " [email protected] " into slack & got nothing.

but cheers for the comment, pal.

Also @popey I don’t think you get it - we don’t want to talk about what we had for breakfast like spoiled brats using Linux.

Its about intellectual discourse - something that people who use IRC don’t tend to really ‘crack the nut’ of !

I’d rather a place where all the presenters hang out, and I know @jonobacon and @jeremy aren’t big Telegram users. If @jeremy can sort out the slack so anyone can join, that would be awesome.

While it was great for @JoeRess to take the initiative to create the Telegram channel, I’d happily drop the telegram channel if there was a place where all the presenters hung out.

If it’s wanted :slight_smile:

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Excuse me? Want to try that again?

Hey, that’s not very friendly. More important than “intellectual discourse” is polite discourse, I think. We can all be friends here.

@sil sorry, you are right. I went overboard there.

I already knew - as soon as I posted it.


Telegram, Discord or IRC - Yes. I prefer Telegram as the other live chats I participate in are already there. Discord is okay and IRC is fine but Since I work in multiple locations on multiple machines I would not be able to monitor or participate in IRC as easily.

That said, I drift in and out of the other channels. I can’t monitor them all.

If you make one, I will join but I can’t say I would be real active. My life doesn’t allow for my continual e-friend participation at this time.

Discord, slack or IRC would be good. Telegram is just annoying.

How goes on the “sorting Slack out” front?

It’s sorted. From the show notes:

Also, we’ve set up a Slack channel! We’ll be talking about this in the next show, but if you want to get in early and hang out with the BV community, sign in to our Slack channel via

If you run into any issues, let me know here and I’ll look into it ASAP.


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heroku - what license is the app & where is the github-repository @jeremy ?

and … is this forked on the badvoltage repository (?) - you may wanna contact @sil

or who-ever set that up.



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I won’t use azure thank-you.

Where was Azure mentioned?

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I’m quite convinced the entirety of Slack is a ploy by chip manufacturers to increase demand for RAM. There are loads of nice, free, open source alternatives, some even offer free hosting on top of being completely open source (like Zulip and Wire), and none of the alternatives use nearly as much RAM as Slack!

(Also, I believe this is not the first time the RAM industry has consipired against us - I believe the Mozilla Foundation was infiltrated as well.)

Slack had pretty functional IRC integration last time I checked, which simply had to be enabled by admins.
That way, you can use the most basic text UI from anything up to and including toasters and have any embedded content simply show up there as links.
And to be fair, Discord and Telegram have same exact thing via Bitlbee (IRC gateway software).


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