Plug-in for Firefox; F.B. Purity cleans up and customizes Facebook

I am on faeces-book to follow some specific people and groups, I was getting rather upset and pissed-off over all the lame-ass stupid suggestions that was thrown in my face all the time. I put it in the old google machine and found this site:

I read some stuff and went around to the Firefox thing that admin extensions and shit, where in I installed ‘F.B. Purity’.

I used it for a week or so and it works pretty dam well, I have not seen one single add or lame ass suggestions since - now I don’t fell like shooting my self when I pop on faeces-book to keep up whit family and stuff.

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Don’t do that :slight_smile:

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I know it’s bad for me and negative in the freedom dimension, but the sad truth is that there are some people that just don’t know or care that their are better alternatives. Like my long time close friend, from meat space, that is living in London.

It’s like saying “Micro$oft” or “Crapple”. It’s disrespectful and, in my mind at least, is beneath us. If we can’t elevate the level of conversation to something approaching civil discourse and professional respect, then what’s the point?


I do appreciate when a those in a conversation keep it at a respectful level, even when it is an effort to do so. But then, personally, I view all vulgar language as disrespect, even when the intent is not. However, I do focus on the intent and then just let it go.

Okay Sir now I get your point. I give you that it is disrespectful, but I had for a time been feeling really offended and crapped on by face-book, for not respecting that I am on face-book to communicate whit some wary specific people. The joke just slipped in there. However I will not make the stupid excuse, that I’m a Dane and just spelled it wrong.

Another thing altogether, before I installed ‘Fluff Busting Purity’ face-book chewed up my CPU and RAM, which was a bit annoying.

Hey, don’t worry about it, I wasn’t getting at you directly or personally, it just seems to be something that has slipped into the geek vernacular over the last 10-15 years. I’ve been guilty of it in the past (admittedly many, many years ago) :smile: But I feel that things like PC/Mac or iPhone/Android fanboy wars haven’t helped the cause that we’re all just a bunch of spectacled nerds with pocket protectors and calculators who snark at everything, and it’s past time that we all grew up a little bit.

Well, except when I say things to @oldgeek like “bum”, “willy”, and “fartknocker” :wink:

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Hey, I wear contacts. And my slide rule just won’t fit in my shirt pocket. :smile:

It is an education, I must say. :smile:

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I did not read your comment that way :wink: I found your point justified and well reasoned, so I felt obligated to explain my self.

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