Music for when you are feeling down

As some of may know I am going through a rough patch at the moment and things are a lot worse for a close friend of mine especially if you are following another topic I started: Mental Health Issues.

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has contributed so far for the compassion and sympathy they have all shown on a very sensitive topic but I don’t want this topic to become a copy of that one so if you have anything to add to that topic please post there.

In this topic I’m interested in what music helps us when we are feeling down.

Some of us may want something that inspires us that things can get better or maybe you want to hear something that shows other people are in the same boat or even worse conditions so we don’t feel we are on own here:

At the moment I’m listening to lot of early Ed Sheeran particularly this one.

What works for everyone else here?

What usually builds me up is the
Learn to Fly - Foo Fighters Rockin1000 Official Video

When it feels like stuff is coming from each direction and overwhelms me and I don’t get anywhere,
I watch all these people that came together (many, many times I suppose) to do this one thing.
It gives me the feeling that the world is a good place where everything can be achieved and everything can turn out good.


It depends, when I’m feeling down I try and give a freind a call or I go for some excersise (last week I randomly went Ice Skating) as I wanted to do something compltetly random hahaha. There is a lot that can be said for getting fresh air especially if I DON’T feel upto it!

As for music, these songs are quite uplifting and upbeat



@tobi42, @nshiell If you you had tried to either of these on Thursday night I would probably have punched you. Because my mental state was too low for such upbeat songs.

Today, however, they work.


For me that would be most likely chap hop, when it comes to rising my spirit:


If you you had tried to either of these on Thursday night I would probably have punched you. Because my mental state was too low for such upbeat songs.

@WarrenHill i think i can sympathize with this notion (i hope this makes any sense in english…I want to say that I don’t claim to deeply understand you, but it rings a bell).
Still, if I am down, what works for me is either “happy” or “aggressive”, like this one (Muse - Stockholm Syndrome):

when I’m even more down, I don’t want to hear anything.
I also like to listen to the music you wrote about, but only when i’m in fact not particularly down.


@tobi42 Music can be too upbeat and happy to tolerate when you are down. I was dealing with the suicide of a close friends brother on Thursday night, I still am but it’s now less raw. I like your taste in music.

A very good friend of mine UK Radio 1 and Radio 4 DJ was insistent there are only two sorts of music “good” and “bad” and we must choose for our selves what belongs in each group.

I have a very eclectic taste in music so I doubt anybody loves everything I do or hates everything I love.

My taste in music also varies from minute to minute because music is such an emotional driver for us all.


Until I released that my teenage years were like me “walking round town like a sim card” - I woke up.

Considering #4 on my ‘list’

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This is coool.

I found out Jan Swift by listening to the radio - then I youtub-searched him & he’s got a channel !

Really enjoying the band-pieces only stuff & it’s going well.

Okies - I shall talkin’ about food next (or another listening party :kissing: )

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