Microsoft accepts bit coins

Pretty big news.

Doesn’t this mean someone can put a notch on their 2014 predictions post? Is there going to be a tally of those before the end of the year?

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Indeed there will be. :slight_smile:

I don’t even remember what all of the predictions were… except something about “Jono thinks everyone will be wearing VR goggles 24x7 by the end of the year”.

We’re well past the point of Bitcoin’s “ifs”, and should be focusing on the “how”. Blockchain tech is here to stay, the unbanked (2-3 billion?) on the globe need access to credit and banking. Bitcoin is (or maybe another cryptocurrency) is the answer, embrace it!

Everyone in the world is divided into two groups: one very small group who use the word “fiat” a lot and can’t go three sentences without talking about Bitcoin, and everyone else who if they’ve heard of Bitcoin at all believe that it’s special illegal money for buying drugs. Mozilla stopped using it because just offering Bitcoin payments means fewer people give you money. The battle for Bitcoin is not as won as you may think.


Here are some clips of the predictions.

I agree the battle is far from over for the long-term viability of Bitcoin. So to clarify, early questions of “is it a Ponzi scheme?” or “does it have intrinsic value?” are not the issues anymore, but rather how to make the system consumer friendly(ier). Mainstream media tends to latch on Bitcoin’s price volatility and talk about it only as a currency. What really is groundbreaking though, is the blockchain, and related tech.

Us living in the industrialized world do not really need Bitcoin per se, like we didn’t need the internet in the late 1980’s. We have access to bank accounts, lines of credit, crowdfunding, 401k’s etc.; it’s the people in countries with oppressive and corrupt regimes, sky-rocketing inflation, and non-existent banking that will benefit the most from a decentralized, secure, frictionless payment system and currency like Bitcoin.

But yeah, we’re still some years away before Bitcoin (or an alternative cryptocurrency) is as common as credit/debit cards. In the meanwhile there are plenty of battles ahead, trying to convince governments and big money, that Bitcoin is not “special illegal money for buying drugs”, at least no more so than a wad of U.S. Dollars or Euros.

Also those of us using Doge coin.

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