John McAfee speak's out about Google!

John McAfee in Surprise Speech about Google!

Notorious computer security pioneer John McAfee has used a surprise appearance at a hacking conference to warn of threats against “freedom” thanks to privacy issues with technology.

Google’s recently announces Project Zero, a new effort to identify problems within any software, not just Google’s.

A public database of vulnerabilities will be published by the company.

It will give information on how long it took companies to react to the bug report and issue a fix.

So in laymans terms Google is going to become the next Microsoft and have a Patch tuesday!

Or one of those patch days where they get told about the flaws and then sit on it for month’s the same as Apple or Microsoft has been known to do, Google calling out other firms on security will most certainly backfire considering most companies employ unice administrators who know that the software they rely upon is not a commercial product - unlike Google Chrome and Google has no Commercial right’s to claim otherwise.

Keep your sticky finger’s out of our Open Source Google and stick with your Venture Capitlist partners from the CIA and Microsoft!

Google seem’s to love Fiber Cables, after all they’ve got four barges equiped with a Moon pool’s floating around the entire coast of the United States and have so far refused any member of the press entry to let them take a look around at what they’re working on over the water!

ARM Chips & Android = Armed Drone Strike!

Who supplies the NSA with all there Technology? Google
Who’s OS is currently in use Spying on the World? Google
Who steal’s other people’s source code and weaponises it? Google
Who’s hacking up all the Fiber Cables? Google
Who’s deeply inside our politician’s pockets? Google
Who’s building an Orbital Weapons platform? Google

You’d have to be a Jack-Ass not to see what’s stairing you in the Face!

Take security advise from Google… I’d rather slit my wrists first!

Windows 8 - Gone
New OS in China - Kailin Linux
New OS in Russia - Baikal Linux
New OS in England - Ubuntu LTS

As soon as Google starts interfereing in either one of those we can expect lot’s of shot Google employee’s - so watch this space! Google & it’s CIA investors need to take there WET dreams about World Domination off the internet and go somewhere else! Preferably blown away in the whirl-wind of lawsuits!

“Protection when you least expect it - 100% made by Google!”

That’s not acceptable. You’re welcome to have problems with Google, and some of them might even be well-founded (if a little overwrought in their method of presentation). But death threats are not allowed. Pack it in, immediately.

Oh do grow up - did I say I would shoot a Google employee? No, what I said or am trying to imply is the foreign states there spying on and stealing the idea’s from, most certainly would!

Or do you think it’s just by accident that there DEEP mining robot, just happens to index the contents of every website it happen’s to dribble itself across?!?

Oh an then to make it better it archives what it find’s, most people would call that intellectual property theft.

Overwrought in their method of presentation, tell me have you ever heard of the Huges Mining Barge? I’ve got a good picture of it along side a Google barge using it’s claw to pull up those Fiber Cables! An when you check who own’s the Google barges themselves, they’re not owned by Google Inc, in fact their owned by a covered (concealed) firm called the By & Large Corperation LLC which doesnt exist, the address itself on file for their company actually leads you straight to the USN.

But when it boil’s down to the subject of Google wanting to know everything about everybody else, that’s fine and dandy, we’re all completely certain Google has nothing to hide!

Why dont they share everything with everybody else, starting with there TAX Returns!

What we all get fed by the media is a load of rubbish, you really believe the navy commissioned a submarine and then went around tapping the Cables that way? Gee-wizz those divers must have been gifted to pull off all that work under the water and not get the electronic’s wet!

Google is hoarding and it’s what google is using to hoard information with that is extremely interesting, did you know or where you aware that back in 1970 another operating system made it’s debue alongside Unix, only this one was supposed to correct the mistakes that had been made in the production of Unix and it is that Operating system that the Chinese have, the Russian’s have and pretty much every other programmer has already, which is 99% more secure than Linux or Unix. Only it got burried and people got left to play with Unix & later Linux and those that found the other, far later down the line, well they became the inner circle of people that finally understood. You really think all these problem’s on the internet couldnt have been fixed from day one? Of course they could, but then the fortune to be had from fleecing your customers kind of stops doesnt it!

Intelligence agencies really arnt that bright, I mean they publish details in TIME magazine quoting there secret Project called Genie, so do yourself a favor and type in Blue Genie on Google, then read who, when, where and now you know everything… As Google would say, it’s the internet, you cant expect privacy on the internet, but that really work’s both ways doesnt it!

Back in the 70’s the CIA developed a top-secret think tank and they called it “The One” and then they shared information via the Mutual Allied Terror-Rist Information eXchange or the M.A.T.R.I.X for short, just happens to be the name of one of those under water Cables Btw… Any of it sound eerily familiar?

Out of context I agree that it can be seen as a threat to persons, but in context whit the article and the jpg below, I just don’t see it.


“Patch Tuesday” refers to Microsoft’s scheduled day for releasing product updates and bug fixes (in the UK, we usually get them on Wednesday morning due to time zone differences).

Project Zero appears to be Google’s attempt to operate a clearinghouse for security-related bug reports and the associated fixes and updates. I don’t see how the two are related.

I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make here.

They have two barges, not four; one moored at Stockton in the Bay Area, and the other in Portland, Maine. Two additional barges are planned, but have not been laid down yet.

Companies such as Google routinely deny the press access to sensitive things like research and development, so as to protect such R&D efforts from corporate espionage by their rivals. However, Google have responded to press queries regarding the barges, have issued press releases, and an FOIA request by the San Francisco Chronicle revealed the plans for the barges.

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]

I’d take security advice from Google over John McAfee every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Not sure what you’re referring to here.

For varying values of “New OS”; the current version of Kylin is a collaboration between Canonical, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (CSIP) and their National University of Defence Technology (NUDT) to produce a more localised version of Ubuntu for Chinese users (e.g. preferring Chinese data providers and social networks versus their Western counterparts) and to promote Open Source amongst China’s users and businesses.

Previous versions of Kylin were FreeBSD based, and then later Linux 3.0.x kernel based, and was used for government, defence, energy and other state-run concerns, e.g. HPC applications such as running the core OS for the Tianhe-1 and Tianhe-2 supercomputers.

Baikal is a proposed x86-compatible CPU being designed by T-Platforms and Rostec as a replacement for AMD and Intel processors, to be used by Russian governmental and state-run business computers. It is not an OS.

Ubuntu is hardly “new”.

Google are a large Ubuntu user, their staff contribute to it’s development, and they are (or at least were in late 2012) an Ubuntu Advantage support customer.

Also, your not-so-subtle comment about Google employees being shot is unwise, unwelcome and frankly ridiculous. Don’t be a dick.

Really unsure what some fake ads posted around NYC around the time of Occupy Wall Street has to do with any of the above text you have posted.

If you can focus your thoughts and steer clear of wild rumours and baseless conjecture, you may have some interesting points to discuss, but for now, you appear to be rambling rather rudely.


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How is that a better thing to say? Also, “do grow up” is not a valid form of argument. Ever. Unless you are arguing with a 5 year old, in which case, it’s kind of a dick thing to say, given their complete lack of control over their body’s growth process.

I’m assuming you’re talking about Google’s acquisition of Deepmind, a machine learning company based in London. Not sure what the relevance is given that Google’s entire search product is based upon bots crawling the Web, and indexing it, something they’ve been doing rather publicly since March 1996.

A district court in Nevada said that wasn’t the case. Additionally, in the US, the DMCA provides certain provisions to protect online service providers such as Google from such accusations.

What, you mean the Hughes Mining Barge HMB-1 that’s currently owned by Bay Ship & Yacht Company and is moored in Alameda, and is used as a covered drydock?

A picture speaks a thousand words, so let’s see it.

[citation needed]

Also, how can a company not exist, yet be a registered LLC?

Publication of public or corporate tax records in the United States is not mandatory. There is no need for Google, a publicly traded company whose core financials are readily on display, to release it’s tax records.

According to AP in 2005, the USS Jimmy Carter (SSN-23) was modified to perform the mission of placing fibre taps on undersea data cables. I suspect they would have special equipment to tap a cable without getting anything unduly damp.

So is the Internet Archive! Did you know they have archived 423 BILLION web pages?! THEY MUST BE EVIL!

[citation needed]

Project Genie was a DARPA-funded project at Berkeley to research time-sharing computer concepts in 1964. So secret was this project (hint: that was sarcasm) that the modifications they made to the SDS 930 minicomputer they used for the project were used by SDS for the 940 model released in 1966.

The project is easily searchable, and was very much public and open. “Blue genie”, on the other hand, gives me some very spurious search results, so unless you wanted us to see pictures from Aladdin or visit an art bazaar in Austin, Texas, I’m not sure what point you were trying to make.


No, because it sounds like you made it up.


Ok - You asked and you shall recieve…

The word’s on the Google whiteboard that say Keyhole, little known fact, Keyhole is the name of the Google earth Satellite that was previously the property of the CIA.

Do you see the word’s Orbital Weapons Platform? No, look closely up and to the right of the words Orbital Mind control.

Think of KEYHOLE like the Hubble telescope only it points the other way, so if your an analyst and you wanna see nude chicks gone top-less on the beach… Then a Job at the CIA is for YOU!

Of course they say they’ve only got two barges, but if you can pull up the shipping register you’ll find out its actually four… Two have been inspected inside, the other two have not…

You saw the Snowden leaks right? About how they spy on you via your own device’s inbuilt Camera well the investment arm of the CIA which has all of those project’s which can also be tied back to Google along with a complete full list of the portfolio of those projects can be found on the CIA’s own website at CIA - In-Q-Tel

The Western media is currently full of articles reporting Google’s denial that it cooperated in a government program to massively spy on American and foreign citizens by accessing data from Googles servers and those of other U.S. software companies.

The mainstream media has, however, almost completely failed to report that Google’s denial, and its surface concern over ‘human rights’, is historically belied by its their deep involvement with some of the worst human rights abuses on the planet:

Google is, in fact, is a key participant in U.S. military and CIA intelligence operations involving torture; subversion of foreign governments; illegal wars of aggression; and military occupations of countries which have never attacked the U.S. and which have cost hundreds of thousands of lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and elsewhere.

To begin with, as reported previously in the Washington Post and elsewhere, Google is the supplier of the customized core search technology for 'Intellipedia, a highly-secured online system where 37,000 U.S. spies and related personnel share information and collaborate on their devious errands.

Agencies such as the so-called ‘National Security Agency’, or NSA, which is implicated in the current ‘spying on Americans’ scandal, have also purchased servers using Google-supplied search technology which processes information gathered by U.S. spies operating all over the planet.

Google acquired Keyhole Inc. in 2004. The same base technology is currently employed by U.S. military and intelligence systems in their quest, in their own words, for “full-spectrum dominance” of the planet.

Moreover, Googles’ connection with the CIA and its venture capital firm extends to sharing at least one key member of personnel. In 2004, the Director of Technology Assessment at In-Q-Tel, Rob Painter, moved from his old job directly serving the CIA to become ‘Senior Federal Manager’ at Google.

As Robert Steele, a former CIA case officer has put it: Google is “in bed with” the CIA.

Julian assange himself said and I quote “I called up the white-house to speak to Hilary Clinton and I got put through to Eric E. Schmidt’s girlfriend instead!” although Eric’s ex-wife apparently live’s in a trailer and is what other Americans call trailer park trash!

Poor ole Eric is a bit of a play-boy, it’s well documented that he live’s alone holding wild two-some or three-some sex parties, seem’s there are some perks to being the Ceo of a global conglomerate…

As for the pic’s you’ll have to hang fire, they’re sadly on this small and very hacked Android Tablet which I have to find a USB stick to unload the documents from to share them all with you… But I will upload ASAP… So hold on and sit back and enjoy the ride, an unlike Google, try not to smoke a dick!

Given Google’s supposed concern with ‘human rights’ and with user-privacy, it’s worth noting that Wired magazine reported some time ago that Google’s friends at In-Q-Tel, the investment arm of the CIA, invested in Visible Technologies, a software firm specialized in ‘monitoring social media’.

The ‘Visible’ technology can automatically examine more than a million discussions and posts on blogs, online forums, Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, and so forth each day. The technology also ‘scores’ each online item (Using fully automated algorithms from a system called Aqau-INT), assigning it a positive, negative or mixed or neutral status, based on parameters and terms set by the technology operators. The information, thus boiled down, can then be more effectively scanned and read by human operators.

The CIA venture capitalists at In-Q-Tel previously said they will use the technology to monitor social media operating in other countries and give U.S. spies “an early-warning detection” on how issues are playing internationally, according to spokesperson Donald Tighe. There is every possibility that the technology can also be used by the U.S. intellligence operatives to spy on domestic social movements and individuals inside the U.S.

Finally, Obama during his recent meeting with Chinese president Xi, again more-or-less accused China of cyber intrusions into U.S. government computers. There has, however, been a curious absence from the statements emanating from Google, from U.S. government sources, and from U.S. media reports of truely substantive evidence linking the Chinese government with the alledged break-in attempts. Words like ‘sophisticated’ and ‘suspicion’ have appeared in the media to suggest that the Chinese government is responsible for the break-ins. That may be so. But it is striking that the media has seemingly asked no tough questions as to what the evidence behind the ‘suspicions’ might be.

Oh and as to your last referance to D.A.R.P.A they fired there lead BSD developer, when he protested at what he saw going on… Theo De Raat is now out of a Job because he protested just that little bit too much! If you wondering what Google is up too then take a peek at the word’s Synapse… Or Nuerosynaptic CPU as unvailed by IBM which proclaims very proadly to have produced a fully funtional prototype and working artificial intelligence Brain. Apparently it’s not the CIA or the NSA that’s making the tough choices, it’s a fully automated sentient Machine…

Apparently this is what happen’s when you let a load of nerd’s all get together and play with Quantum machanic’s, they invent a Self Aware A.I and then give it the task of Killing everybody! Got a Quad or Duel core, how you must be the envy of your naighbours, IBM’s Synapse has over one million cores and its the size of a postage stamp, thusly they later unvail the IBM cube which scales it up to the size of a Human brain!

Brain Power - CPU

Apparently the name for the Artificial Intelligence Machine created by Google is called P.A.N.D.A

An if your not worried yet that they ignored the advice of every other quantum physicist, like the world reknown Steven Hawking, in there pursuit of World Dominance… then you need a reality check!

Pan, pan - deep pan, pan with pepperoni? 100% made with Donkey Flesh Pizza… MMmm!
(P.S: Thats a Naval Joke an those Boys in the Navy get the gist! CPAN!! aka: Crap Pan! Out of the frying pan and into the fire boys!) P.P.S: why does the nikleodeon panda have skid marks on it’s breeches??? Dribbly butt-hole syndrome, yeah we’ve all been there, an that’s 100% Google!

Sound of the what?

illuminati… we all shall be free

the Truth!?!


Don’t fail now, welcome your new Over-Lord!!!

Hail - the Lord of Lies

Yup, as I suspected, you’re a troll. I don’t feed trolls.

LoL… your mom’s a troll, everybody got a turn!

More importantly, you’re a plagiarist. Normally I have no problem with someone using someone else’s words to make their argument, but in this case you’re making an unusual argument, you’re throwing around fairly wild accusations, and you’re doing it while sounding like the Time Cube guy. If you’re going to to that, and you’re going to include large chunks of your argument by copy-and-paste, I’d like you to include a reference to the person you took that argument from – if that was actually originally you, I’d like you to make it clear how many places you’ve made this argument in these exact words. That will stop you looking like a troll, and like a troll bot at that.

try the American civil liberties union, or try google itself, im sure they’ll welcome you into the fold!

The full leaked doc’s can be found on the ACLU… or if you just masterbate over your intel pentium xeon with NSA inside, then hey, we all understand, it’s not your fault your a twat!

Eat it!!

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Actually, I wasn’t gonna bite, but …

Wow. You couldn’t have picked a worse photograph to post. I know the guy who took that photo, worked with him for two years.

This is all whiteboards are used for at Google

Keyhole is actually a very well known technology, well known enough to be used as jargon in movies and TV shows (off the top of my head, I can think of Enemy of the State and The West Wing).

Two have been fitted out and are moored. Two have not, and are empty barges.

If I want to know more about what the NSA (not the CIA) have been doing to invade personal privacy, I’ll ask Jacob Applebaum before I ask John Q. Randomtroll.

This quote comes verbatim from Pravda.

Julian Assange said nothing of the sort. Here is what he said:

Two months after my meeting with Eric Schmidt, WikiLeaks had a legal reason to call Hilary Clinton and to document that we were calling her. It’s interesting that if you call the front desk of the State Department and ask for Hillary Clinton, you can actually get pretty close, and we’ve become quite good at this. Anyone who has seen Doctor Strangelove may remember the fantastic scene when Peter Sellers calls the White House from a payphone on the army base and is put on hold as his call gradually moves through the levels. Well WikiLeaks journalist Sarah Harrison, pretending to be my PA, put through our call to the State Department, and like Peter Sellers we started moving through the levels, and eventually we got up to Hillary Clinton’s senior legal advisor, who said that we would be called back.

Shortly afterwards another one of our people, WikiLeaks’ ambassador Joseph Farrell, received a call back, not from the State Department, but from Lisa Shields, the then girlfriend of Eric Schmidt, who does not formally work for the US State Department. So let’s reprise this situation: The Chairman of Google’s girlfriend was being used as a back channel for Hillary Clinton. This is illustrative. It shows that at this level of US society, as in other corporate states, it is all musical chairs.

While it’s true Schmidt has earned himself something of a saucy reputation, if he’s not breaking any laws, what’s the problem?

How convenient. “Oh no, sorry, the smoking gun images that I have are [insert excuse here], so I’ll have to post them later (i.e. never)”. Have you tried posting them directly to the forum from your tablet?

Again, more plagiarism from that Pravda article.

Again, you are distorting the truth. DARPA gave a US$2.3m grant to the University of Pennsylvania in 2001 to investigate and improve the security of the OpenBSD stack, amongst other things (such as a vuln analysis on OpenSSL). Theo de Raadt (at least spell the guy’s name right) then received some of that money from UPenn, as DARPA does not fund foreign projects directly. In 2003, DARPA pulled the remainder of the grant for unspecified reasons, though de Raadt believed “the cancellation was prompted by concerns about the money going to too many foreign developers and to antiwar statements that de Raadt made to reporters”. At no point was de Raadt, who was born in South Africa, and lives in Canada, employed by the US federal government.

According to that link, it has 4,096 “cores”. Again, you’re misrepresenting the facts (even when you cite the source), and you are conflating things to make your own argument.

No, Panda was the internal codename for changes Google made to their page ranking algorithms in 2011.

Stephen Hawking? He’s more machine now than man.


I was really hoping that these forums would be free of impertinence and disrespect. It had been up till now. How disappointing.

How disappointing indeed that you live in a bubble and smoke pizza and cheese and dont have the intellectual forsight to go look for you own images of the google barges or have the insight to go find your own copy’s of there license, oh no wait you just want to be spoon-fed, it’s down to the posters responcibility to spoon-feed you like a crack whore… Oh wait what!

Sigh, at least some of us get to enjoy that OS with no holes in it, yeah, seems some of us can be bothered to get off our ass, go burn it to CD and figure out what works!

Oh and you know which OS im talking about right, the one that makes you as powerful as ICANN?

No?? pity!

I mean WTF? Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside to sit there trying to be a know it all dick waving your dont be a dick poster? Shame that you are one…

Oh wait, no be nice, share how it works, because we like to be spoonfed like a baby! We’re too immature to figure it out on our own… Wait it does what now, you mean it makes Bind and Linux Obsolete… Sheeet! We need that, but wait it’s got no graphical windows like X11 unless your willing to take the time to Load them, you mean this is what the NSA’s SIPRNET is made from, sheesh… Bet we wished we’d not insulted you and been less of a conceted DICK we might have actually learned about something! An then again Jesus might have turned into a pink pig and learned how to Fly!

You know what my pet hates are, I hate mouthy know it all dicks who cant even spend five seconds on a search engine varifying the fact’s for themselves, they just want you to hand it to them on a silver spoon… Well guess what Dick-Wad there is NO SPOON!

How does google get to assign it’s own DNS of do you know, no, well I do, pity that you dont eh numb nuts! How do they get across that JTAG debugger interface, how do they rape all those secure sockets… Oh wait you mean it’s as easy as

“I dont know what you’ve been told, but fuing eskimo puy is kind of cold!”

The C++ Programming Language!

Is it written in Python?

How about a little JAVA?

This is your formal warning; the above is just one example of the rude and disrespectful tone you have taken. Any more and you are getting banned.

We welcome all perspectives and ideas in the Bad Voltage community, but a pre-requisite is respectful conversation. We will not tolerate disrespect.

Smoke some Bacon!

“a pre-requisite is respectful conversation. We will not tolerate disrespect…” Seriously and your going to let the previous posters, ride me like sally slue in the derby, because there just as disrespectful of anyone else’s opinion but there own…


Yee-haw. Ride 'em cowboy!

You have made a series of disrespectful statements here, and one racial slur in another thread.

You have been here 3 days…the other posters have been here a lot longer and demonstrated a stronger level of respect.

This is not about the topics being discussed, this is about the way in which we discuss them. The formal warning still stands…you are welcome here, and you are welcome to share your views, but respectful discourse is a pre-requisite.

Please respect our code of conduct which is simple: don't be a dick.