Jeremy up for some crickets?

After listening to the soylent review and hearing @jeremy interest in health, odd food, and cooking. I thought you might get a kick out of these. They are not half bad. And crickets are the main ingredient…enjoy!

I may have to check those out, they sound interesting. And while I’ve never had an exo bar, I have had actual whole crickets before. Those weren’t half bad either.


You people are bonkers.

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I’m with him.

Rationally, I see that insects would be a good source of protein. But, my irrational side prevails here. I am not sure I could eat such. My wife and I have discussed this much in that, shrimp could easily be seen as ‘sea bugs’ (as some have called them), but I have no problems in eating those.

A few years ago, National Geographic had an article about using Insects as food. If pursued as an industry, the amount of protein per area is vastly greater than animal protein. The thought was to grind the insects into powder and sell it as such. That might be a viable, and perhaps inexpensive way to supplement ones diet.

But, to eat bugs??? :grimacing:

What if they are Salt N’ Vinegar and come in a handy snack pack?


holy shit, I thought you’d made that in the gimp! That’s a real product. Goodness me. Also, bleeeeeaaarrrgh

I’ve had two of the three. No bacon & cheese, unfortunately, as I’ve never come across them. I’ve also had the traditional plain non-packaged kind as well.


I suppose this isn’t in your wheelhouse then?


Blimey. Ideally, no. I’m all for adventuresomeness in things, but cuisine which looks like it might eat me first is not on the menu if I can avoid it.

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Does it taste like chicken? :smile:

Same. Wasn’t terrible. The ones I had were chocolate covered.

Well, I learned something new in this discussion. @jeremy will eat literally anything.

Too bad it’s so hard to find gagh these days. :smile:

Do I even want to ask? :slight_smile:

@bryanlunduke would be disappointed! :smile:

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How can you not know gagh? P’tak!

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In episode 1x34, @sil used an expression that I think nails it for westerners. He used either the word ‘filthy’ or ‘dirty’, I am not sure, to describe insects. That called to mind a conversation I was having with my wife on this very subject of eating insects. As insects are a featured part of diet in many parts of the world, why is it so repulsive to westerners? And, my theory is that people, from western culture, associate insects with ‘dirt’, that insects are ‘dirty’, and why would anyone put something ‘dirty’ in their mouth?

Weird, isn’t it, @oldgeek? Crabs and Lobsters. Those are basically just big bugs that live in the mud and crap on the seafloor. But most people (at least around here) that get excited about Lobster and Crab… would never touch something like a Cricket. Or even a snail. Or, heck, Alligator.

I think it has less to do with the classification of a critter… and more to do with people just not liking to try new things. New things are different. Different is weird. Weird is scary.

I dunno. I like to try new things…I consider myself a fairly adventurous eater. It isn’t the newness that is weird, it is that culturally to me where I live, crickets and scorpions are not considered a normal food…they are considered on the outer edges.

New and different food may include rare fishes, snails, foie gras, for example, but eating crickets and scorpions is more just a cultural anomaly here…even though it may be perfectly normal elsewhere.

To your point though, it is clear how much we base our eating habits on local norms and cultures.

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