Introducing The Matrix

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to let you know about a new features on

We are calling it ‘The Matrix’ and it is going to be effectively where we will gather together interesting resources, community goings-on etc, and more. It will be the homepage for cool stuff in the community.

As an example, we now have an IRC channel #badvoltage on the freenode network. Well, I created to make it easy to join the channel, but we have limited space up in the main site menu, so I added it to the matrix. This way we can point people to The Matrix to find the links to these different things.

Another example is that @dankles is setting up the gaming server. It would be fun to put links for how to get started gaming on The Matrix too.

Naturally, this forum will be where we will discuss and explore new ideas, for things case in more concrete, we can link them from The Matrix.

So, if you set up a cool Bad Voltage community-related thing, be sure to get it linked on The Matrix. To do this, just shout at @sil or myself. Thanks!

The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even here, in this very room.

So take the Red Pill? The Blue Pill? or The Xanax? You decide…

We’ve deployed a bot which has the capability to be expanded with Python modules, and hopefully we can use a shiny new GitHub org to hold any that are developed by the community (and any other cool code snippets too!). Qa’pla!

Im hoping its something like this…

For the record. I loved all three Matrix movies. And I don’t care who knows it :slight_smile:

I only liked the first movie. The rest were abit too far-fetched.

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