FYI: IRC users can also be in #badvoltage

I know a bunch of you folks (myself included), use IRC, so I just wanted to let you know that we have a #badvoltage IRC channel on the Freenode IRC network.

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Do we get extra points for using irssi?

irssi? noob XD im using BitchX cos im old skool and l33t

Wow - who’d a thunk there was a portal to 18 years ago floating around the BV Community? :smile:

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Haven’t used IRC in forever. Rectified! I’m in!

At jono’s behest, I’ve deployed a bot called voltbot in #badvoltage (running the latest stable build of Willie. He doesn’t have ops yet, so he can’t do too much, but when a new episode is posted to the BV MP3 RSS feed, he’ll make an announcement in channel. More functionality to come; if you know your Python, feel free to check his docs and write a plugin :wink:

Nice! Thanks, @neuro. Let me know what I need to do to op voltbot.

What fun ideas for plugins could we have?

Hi there, this is The French Wing of the Lugrad^M Bad Voltage massive.

Just in case you missed it last night. I’ve played around the Willie bot and hacked a tiny beta-pre-release Willie module.

It would just need to be deployed on the current instance of voltbot, and eventually tested, and eventually improved. If you have any plugin idea, please use the Github Issue interface, or help yourself and write a nice extension. It’s quite easy if you are fluent in Python.

Which, I am sure, you’re all.

See ya,

Thanks, @brunobord, this is fantastic!

@neuro, can you get this deployed?

Must…resist…making…“Tiny Willie Module”…pun

On a more serious note - nice job!

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