Help Needed! Create a cool looking Bad Voltage group photo

OK, folks. We need your help. Our social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Google+) have big banner images and we have nothing there.

Given that the four of us on the Bad Voltage team (Bryan, Stuart, Jeremy, and I) have never all been together in the same room before, we don’t have a group photo.

Would anyone out there be able to construct a cool looking photo from existing photos online? Now, I know the temptation would be to make us look ridiculous, but we would preferably like the four us to look reasonably cool.

Anyone able to help with this? Just post your pics on this thread.

Naturally, you will be thanked on here and in the show!


Put this request on 4chan and let the results roll in

I’d like people to come up with serious attempts, though. :slight_smile:


You sir, have just won the Internet.


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Here is a really cool image Google came up with for Jeremy that could be used.

@sil, did you make that group photo? It looks…surprisingly good. :slight_smile:

'cos I have mad art skillz. I would like someone who’s actually good at this stuff to come up with something, mind…

No wait… you need to do this properly. Take a leaf out of #photoshopwilwheaton on twitter.

All get your green screens (we know you have them handy) and pull some funny faces.

None of the pathetic cop out “from existing photos online” bollocks. Unless you have truly spectacularly good quality foolishness already online (I suspect that we’ll just have to substitute hairy goats and bulls backsides because some of you will have censored what you want online).


I sadly don’t have a green screen; I actually wanted one for a little project a few months ago and debated making one, but it looked like being a big faff so I didn’t :slight_smile:

Sneeze on a big sheet. :wink:

If it were that easy I’d have done it. I was disappointed to discover that you need to deal with lighting and things as well…

Lighting is balls.

By the way folks, @sil’s image is now the header for our social media pages until we get a decent one. Artists, unite!

Hey guys, just started listening to your show… and I guess I like it :smiley:
So, I know you’ve said that you would like to have “cool looking Bad Voltage GROUP photo”, but it would be much easier if you could upload more photos to use, or point out where to find them…
Never the less, I wanted to contribute with something, and I had a little bit of time, so I made you these not that cool photos… :slight_smile:

Embedding @shisha’s images in the forum so everyone can see:

These are great! :smile:

I especially liked Bryan and Jeremy, for those look real. Stuart’s and Jono’s pics are great too. Just plumb silly!

Well…that now exists on the Internet…

Good grief. :slight_smile:

I note that we would still like group photos, mind :smile:

Well, I would like to try and make some BV group photos… however, I can’t find good photos of you guys to work with… Especially Jeremy… :slight_smile:
So if you have them stashed somewhere… :wink:

@oldgeek> Thanks :blush:
@jonobacon> It could have been worse :stuck_out_tongue: has a bunch of pictures of me, although I don’t know whether any of them are suitable. I agree that @jeremy doesn’t have any pictures and he has been chastised for it, so hopefully he’ll come up with some :slight_smile:

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