Do we need a new category for Food?

I’ll start by asking my real question:

Is there a guide anywhere to what mark-up this site understands. I’ve guessed some of it by trail and error by trying stuff I know works on other forums to see if it works here too. However, if there is a definitive guide somewhere it would be useful.

Now for my supplementary:

Given that

1x23 Maybe We Should Have Drill Control is now a discussion on Mayonnaise recipes.


Debian is according to this person owned by the NSA has become a discussion on the best way to reheat day old pizza.

Do we need a new category for Food?

I’m asking this tongue-in-cheek as I guess given that we are all here because of a shared interest in technology and open source there is no reason we shouldn’t discuss anything else.

Oh, the possibilities are endless. A category for food. Then sub-categories for regional cuisines. And sub-categories under those for other variations. A sub-category for recipe book reviews. Threads going on about: is it chips or crisps? and other high-impact social issues. Wow, this is exciting! I’ve just gotten real bubbly. Oh, wait, never mind.

Or, you know, all this probably could be avoided if we got rid of that one poster. What’s his name? Aged-nerd or something like that. Get rid of him and you will probably see a rise of quality in the threads. :smile:

[quote=“oldgeek, post:2, topic:3776”]
What’s his name? Aged-nerd[/quote]

If you are referring to your self here stop now. You have shown your self as someone who belongs in this community. I’m glad I have met you and I’m sure I’m not the only one here.

As you’ll note, you can use Markdown or BBCode to format posts.

I don’t think we’ll have a whole category for food, but I think it’s fascinating. Cooking is like hacking. expresses my views. :slight_smile:

Well, first of all, I sincerely thank you. And then I apologize. Why? My quirky sense of humor has people scratching their heads when they are in my presence. So, now I try it writing and it often falls flat. And I often will poke fun at myself, for if I cannot laugh at myself, then I’m in trouble. So, please bear with an old man’s humor. Also, I’m still trying to remember the emoticons. :wink:

But, but, what about the whole chips or crisps thing? :grinning:

I see a lot of posts about BBQ’ing and Smoking meat in the future >.>

Let the word go throughout the land. :slight_smile:


I know I’ve said this before, but my father told me ‘assumptions are father’s to mistakes.’ I had always assumed that ‘chips’ were ‘fries’. Now, I have learned something today. Actually, I prefer ‘chips’ to what looks like what Americans call ‘country fries’. Much better, simpler. Man, those chips look good. :smile:

I feel conflicted. While I agree, but I am and will always be English…that is too complex of a relationship with potatoes.

LOL. I am not sure if we are quite there yet, but I think this points to Bad Voltage fans reading the forum before lunch. :slight_smile:

If cooking is like hacking, then this is the manual
On Food and Cooking

You want a complex relationship with potatoes, then go to the Germans, Polish or Russians. But they have nothing compared to Peruvians.

On a similar theme, I learned a big chunk of BBQ and smoking via which takes in insane level of detail and approach to smoking. The guy who runs it, meathead, has a friend of his who is a scientist who performs experiments to debunk myths in BBQ.

As an example, see for the thermodynamics of cooking. Madness. :slight_smile:

As predicted, it has begun :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s good, right? Unless you are a vegetarian. In that case, we could put a potato on the Grill, and you could eat it with fries, crisps or chips, with a side of mash or potato salad

Or how to turn a file cabinet into a smoker/grill!

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