1x23: Maybe We Should Have Drill Control

A blender is usually a tall thing with a dedicated blade set. A food processor is usually more squat and has various blades and attachments.

But whipping mayo by hand is awesome. Grandma’s are great!

I found it interesting that Emma said that you can install any Linux distro on System 76 machines but there appears to be a unique System 76 driver that is only in an Ubuntu PPA. So it isn’t clear how compatible it would be. That said I think it is fantastic what System 76 are setting out to do. Also, do System 76 own one or more social networks? It sounded that way.

Reverso debate went far better than I was expecting. Jono debating that Ubuntu sucks for the next one maybe?

I’ve used that PPA in Mint, Kubuntu, and elementary. Also the driver is in the Arch AUR. And I’ve installed distros and never used the system76 driver and have had no problems.

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Mint/Kubuntu is the same thing, but cool that it installs on Arch. Is it a binary driver or do they release the source?

I think homemade mayo is rare. I like using a food processor because of the drizzle feature.

I didn’t realise our database made it into food processors: http://www.linuxjedi.co.uk/2014/02/is-drizzle-dead.html :smile:

The same principles apply to tech as do government in a way. Many places have an increase in crime despite much legislation. I have always said that the human heart cannot be legislated.

For me it is mortar, pestle and good knifes - the only blender here is the one in the repository :smiley:

I make Mayonaise like your grandma: manual whisk and a bit of elbow-grease.


I make mayonnaise in a mortar, the pestle really brings out the tastes of the herbs, the mass of the pestle cuts way back on elbow-grease in my mayonnaise.

Woah, we have hit on the Campaign for Real Mayonnaise here. I just buy salad cream myself :smile:

What herbs are you using? My basic Mayonnaise recipe is here and salad cream here. No herbs in either.

I agree with @chriscowleysound you can’t beat an old-fashioned whisk and a bit of elbow-grease.

I make small portions of mayonnaise, I like it fresh, but tarragon fits nicely whit cured beef, garlic goes down well whit potatoes, rosemary just be course I love it. So what I am saying is, I just throw in what I fell like :slight_smile:
My basic Mayonnaise is egg yolks, salt and lemon or vinegar, this I grind till it is some what coagulated, then I grind in the herbs I like and then oil.


I’ll give it a try next time I’m making some.

You are most welcome :slight_smile:

Maybe we should change the theme of the thread to “Mayo”. :smile:

One thing that we have found that helps is to test that the eggs are fresh. A dash of tabasco is good too.

I’m too whimpy to whisk it. I’ll keep the food processor. :smile:

Re: System76

Agreed, but it was good to learn more about them. I’m a bit conflicted about inviting company representatives to be honest. It will always feel like advertisement, right? In this case, the show hosts’ questions about products exacerbated that feeling IMHO. Plus, it audibly pushed Emma into a corner. In a future interview with company representatives, please expand more on the general topics like relationship of company to Ubuntu, to parts manufacturers etc. like you did this time in the beginning.

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Thanks for the feedback but I felt the interview was pretty detailed. We asked about their focus and their products, but also about their relationship with Ubuntu. I don’t think having someone as a guest from a company by definition makes it feel like an ad, but I am keen to hear more feedback on the kinds of questions you typically want to hear asked in an interview.

Interesting. I hadn’t articulated my thought process in quite this way before, but I think that we get people on the show to talk about interesting stuff they’re doing, and if you’re a company then one of the interesting things you’re doing is making new stuff to sell, and so you want to talk about it and people listening who are shopping for your sort of thing want to hear about it. That is, indeed, an ad, but I think of it as a light one, in the same way that a friend recommending a thing to me is also a little bit of an ad but I appreciate them doing it. We do speak of more general things, as you note, but it would be disingenuous to speak to people from companies and not ask them about the thing their company does, and I think it would be equally disingenuous to only speak to non-company people as though the world were some sort of commune which has no money in it. But your feedback is noted, and thank you.

It did a bit. The talk of tablets was, obviously, meant jokingly and I believe mostly taken that way, but I wasn’t that happy with what I did there, in retrospect.

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