Community Rangler Tim Dobson on the show, as he's into web Hosting from the Uk

Looking at A2 web-hosting I realized that there was an alternative called ByteMark, and Tim Dobson is “Community Rangler” there.

Sorry if he’s been on before and I’ve missed him, apologies for that if I have.

Anyway: here’s a 20 minute video on the hosting provider that I think is set as an advertisement.
I must stress i have no affiliation with Bytemark or Tim Dobson, but as he is community mananger,
I thought it’d be-good to schedule a show with him.

Video Interview: (slow but not too painful).

@jonobacon , & @sil Maybe you have community Qu’s and you’d like to ask about VPS as a service ?

Bytemark are long-time friends of the show, and they provide the hosting for the audio files for Bad Voltage. We already love them :slight_smile:

How can you ‘prove’ that to us, if we-all don’t hear that in a podcast ?

It’s about #transparency isn’t it , @sil ?

Because we’ve had Bytemark’s logo on the front page of since show 9 and we explicitly thanked them on the forum and we’ve mentioned them in the show.

Walk-away, just walk-away.

Not really show feedback, but I thought I’d give Bytemark a +1. I’ve had a couple of servers, physical and virtual, with them for years. The best compliment I can give is that they’re quite boring. They Just Work™, the prices are reasonable, support know what they’re talking about, and I don’t have any excitement. Which is pretty much what I want from hosting.

You could do a lot worse than Bytemark. Though I’m sure A2 are great as well :slight_smile:

Ya. Us too. They’re great.

“Wrangler” </pedant>

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