Thanks to Bytemark, Microsoft, and A2 Hosting for supporting Bad Voltage

As you all know, we love Bad Voltage and we love our awesome community that is growing here. Well, it turns out that we are growing more quickly than we expected. :slight_smile:

When we decided that Bad Voltage was going to be a long-term commitment (if you remember we decided to evaluate the response from the first few shows, which was better than we expected), we decided we needed a forum.

To get things up and running as quickly as possible we reached out to some friends at Microsoft who hooked us up with a free MSDN subscription, which included some Azure time. We figured this would get us going pretty quickly.

A few days ago though we realized that we were dangerously close to the limit. While the cloud offers many benefits, we decided we would prefer to host our own machine so we have a little more control over how the forum is administrated.

As such we contacted A2 Hosting (of which a number of us have VPSs with) and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring the show. In a heartbeat they got us up and running with a beefy VPS. In less than six hours we went from asking if they can help to having everything up and running and deployed. Once again, A2 Hosting provide impeccable service and support, and clearly want to support the community.

Lest us not forget also that our good friends at Bytemark Hosting have been providing the main archive for LugRadio for nearly ten years, and they also provide the Bad Voltage archive.

So, the summary here is a huge thankyou to Microsoft for helping the Bad Voltage community get started, a huge thankyou to A2 Hosting for helping us continue our growth, and thanks to Bytemark for always being there for us. Here’s to the Bad Voltage community prospering!

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Much mondo mega thumbs up from me.

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