Closed Poll: Which Charity Should Jeremy Give $100 to?

  • Roswell Park
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Software Freedom Law Center
  • FSF
  • charity: water
  • Other (please specify)

Jono is a bad person, and will only donate if he wins. I on the other hand have committed to donating regardless of who you, the good listeners of Bad Voltage, vote for. What Charity should I give that money to? I’ll let you decide.



Perhaps you should have added some information for those of us who may not be familiar with your choices. Bearing in mind this is an international community. I’ve done a bit of searching to find these please confirm or correct these so we all know what your preferred options are

Roswell Park is America’s first cancer center founded in 1898 by Dr. Roswell Park. His revolutionary model of a “multidisciplinary approach” to cancer — with scientists and clinicians working in concert and in consult — has become the standard by which all modern-day comprehensive cancer centers are measured.

Project Gutenberg is a website offering free epub books and kindle books. The donation would go towards them being able them being able to extend the number of books available.

Software Freedom Law Center is a legal service helping to protect FOSS projects by providing licensing support and Patent defence amongst other services.

FSF can stand for the Football supporters’ federation (soccer) but I’m guessing this is not what Jeremy means. I can also stand for the Free Software Foundation a non-profit organisation founded by Richard Stallman to support the free software movement.

Charity: Water - Is a similar charity to WaterAid dedicated to ensuring poor people around the world have access to safe clean water.

Other (please specify) - Anything else. If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them below.

Jeremy: Let me know if I’ve got any of these wrong.

Edit:Link corrected - Jeremy was referring to the specific charity Charity: Water not WaterAid as I first assumed.

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Voted. I use Project Gutenberg a lot. Good on you, Jezza.

A vote for FSF is a vote allowing Stallman to eat more of his toenail clippings. WON’T ANYONE THINK OF THE TOENAILS?!

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I don’t see “@sil’s iPhone 6 fund” listed :slight_smile:

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Decided to vote for water… see how many people care about anything else when they are dying of thirst…


Actually thirst is not usually the problem. People usually have access to water but its not clean so causes disease. There are people dying every few seconds as a direct result of a lack safe clean water. This was my vote too.

Thanks for researching and posting the links. The correct link for Charity: Water is To see why Roswell Park is important to me, visit The rest you have correct.


Thanks, I’ve corrected the link in my post above.

That does put things in perspective. I appreciate these comments. So goes my vote.

Although, this issue did make my decision tough.

oi! less of that :slight_smile: I shall not be buying an iPhone 6 any time soon :slight_smile:

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I just wanted to mention Give Directly, which is scoring good at Give Well.

It is a good choice if you want to go for maximum impact.

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Because it won’t be called an iPhone 6, and you’ll end up buying an iPhone air instead? :wink:

Nope. I’d be pretty surprised if it has any hardware in it that I actually care about, I’m not going to buy an iwatch, and there’s nothing wrong with my iPhone 5.

I sort of agree with you. I may end up getting a watch thingy if it’s more useful and attractive and comfortable than the current glut of shite smartwatches, but I just bought an iPhone 5s back in March (and an 5th gen iPod Touch in May … and a Retina iPad mini last month …) so any new handsets won’t be on my radar until this time next year at the earliest.

But I bet you something will get announce that makes you go “ooh” :smile:

This is another excellent cause where small amounts of money can make a really big difference.

Roswell Park, because Cancer is a bitch, and I think it deserves at least one vote

Thanks for voting. I’ve closed the poll and will be donating $100 to charity: water.



Water rules.

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