Closed Poll: The Reverso Debate, Bryan vs Stuart: Desktop UIs, complexity vs simplicity

So, who did best in the Reverso Debate in episode 1x23? We discussed the “desktop paradigm”, and whether it’s important to strive for simplicity so that people can understand their computer or to load up on features so that power users aren’t restricted. Vote now for who you think did the best job!

  • Bryan, who defended simplicity and understanding
  • Stuart, who defended necessary complexity and lack of restrictions

You can also comment on other topics you’d like to see debated “reverso-style” in other episodes!


how is it determined which is best? who had the bigger strawman, or who had the best appeal to popularity?

Up to you. You may want to clarify on what basis you made your decision – who argued best, or who lost least, or who was most convincing, or whatever :smile:

I think that Stuart might have had the edge in the debate, but I’m going with Bryan, for I am not sure of his stability. Just what will he do, to himself or to another, if he loses a contest? :smile:


I’ll take the win however I can get it. :smile:

What? You’re giving Bryan a pity vote? Get a grip on yourself, man.

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Think safety first!

Yeah, you hear that Stuart? Safety. First.

“Do you like safety? Vote for Bryan.”

I guess I should have asked the question before posting a vote. Which one of you two are most likely to go on a murderous rampage because of losing? And, just how much effort will you go to to find the ones who voted against you?

Don’t be concerned. We have a well-established protocol for dealing with any rampages @bryanlunduke might go on; if he ever lurches out into the darkness, knife in hand and foaming at the mouth, we just have someone show him a new Linux desktop environment which is completely themeable and is written in Haskell or something and he drops everything to install it and try it out. It’s all under control. Vote your conscience. Vote for whomever did the best job.

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Ooooh… is that in a repo yet?

I believe you have to check it out of CVS. But you’re OK with that :slight_smile:


Well, how would my conscience fare if I find, because of my one vote, that Bryan gets so depressed, he converts his blog to 16 bit graphics, quits his job with opensuse, and spends all his time developing Open Goat-cart? Think of the children, man!! :smile:

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Oh, the humanity!

But then, if this is all reverse, then a vote for Bryan is actually a vote for Stuart, is it not?

Dammit… this is trending badly. 5 for Stu and 2 for me.

But I shall not give up! I shall not surrender! Come, come, boys! We must confound Jerry at every turn!

That’s actually a pretty good point. A vote for Stuart is a vote that says “Bryan is actually right… all the time.”

And a vote for Bryan would say…???

That Bryan is the winner.

And the protocol for you is?

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