Closed Poll: Reverso Debate, Jono vs Jeremy: Figureheads

So, who did best in the Reverso Debate in episode 1x24? We discussed project figureheads, and whether having a highly visible front-person for a project harms or helps. Vote now for who you think did the best job!

  • Jono, who defended that central figureheads are not good for a project
  • Jeremy, who defended a front-person as a vital part of a project’s PR

You can also comment on other topics you’d like to see debated “reverso-style” in other episodes!

I don’t know why but jono just sounds way more convincing


It really upset me that Jono made the pitch “If I win I will donate 100$”. That is indecent and stinks of corruption.


Astute observation sir. It was a desperate move made by a bitter desperate man.



Thank you :smile: Benefits of decent public education, you learn how to spot bullshit.

OK, new wheeze: @jeremy and @jonobacon, open in a new browser window and make the window small and stick it at the bottom of the screen somewhere. It shows the current scores in this poll, updated every minute, and when someone votes you get a big explosion sound so you know it’s happened :slight_smile:

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Linus’s guiding hand was to push linux as a desktop. I’m not sure how well that argument holds up, but he certainly helped keep the community going… I have to give this one to Jeremy, but I must admit Jono was pretty convincing as well.

Hey, @sil… have you voted yet? I’m withholding my vote for a few days. In part because I really don’t know who I want to go mano-a-mano with in the next round. On the one hand, Jeremy will obliterate me with things like “facts” and “common sense reasoning”. On the other hand, Jono… has a semi-British accent.

Oh, and @jonobacon. You need to step up your game, son. You are getting trounced right now.


This is true. I will have to rally what limited troops I have. :slight_smile:

First, of all @jonobacon is right, but compared to the last debate this one was rather boring. Couldn’t we just have @sil and @bryanlunduke do another debate?

Am currently holding off because I haven’t decided who I think did the best job :smile:

@jonobacon and @jeremy both di d ok… but I have to agree with @ovidius. Whichever of you wins, you really need to step up your game or your going to be completely abused by @bryanlunduke. And if he keeps winning things I would hate for you guys to have to change the name of the show to “Bad Bryan”

Voting for Jeremy because he clearly convinced me he believed what he was saying. :slight_smile:

Damn straight. We’re going Thunderdome this next round.

OH OH! I think you’re on to something!

Whomever wins gets to change the name of the show for the next episode. Anything they want. Now that’s a prize. What do you blokes think?

You can pick the name of the episode. That’s a good prize, indeed. You can’t rename the show itself away from “Bad Voltage” – do you have any idea how many places that’s written into all the code? :slight_smile:

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Sounds fair! I second this motion! Can I get a thirding from either @jeremy or @jonobacon?

So long as it doesn’t have boobs in the title, done. :slight_smile:


Holy Guacamole! 25-12 with Jeremy in the lead!

Get your butt in gear, Bacon! I want to see slanderous posters defiling the good name of your opponent… stat.

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