Closed: Bad Voltage Photography Competition

I have not cleared this with anyone but looking at pictures from the evidence of a thread I started Views from my walk from work today it appears we have at least a few decent photographers amongst us.

So I am announcing a new competition Bad Voltage Photography

The rules:

  • It must be your own work.
  • It does not have to promote Bad Voltage but if it does that will earn bonus bonus points.

Subject: Wildlife or Landscape

Post your entries as a reply to this thread before the end of November. The staff @jonobacon, @sil, @jeremy, @joe and myself will pick a shortlist and we will have a poll to choose the eventual winner.

The prize: a name check on the show.

I’ll throw mine into the hat, even if it can’t be entered :blush:

This is the metro in Chicago from last week:


I don’t see why your entry can’t be entered since the final winner will not be picked by the Bad Voltage staff but the entire community, via a poll.

I like this picture and look forward to seeing what others can offer.

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Foggy Morning at Oasis State Park Clovis NM


I love this - get your pictures in, folks! Thanks, @WarrenHill, for kicking this off!


The Shropshire Hills. Shropshire, UK. Taken June last year on a walk with some friends.


My idiotic dog on an ancient looking stone bridge.
Uppermill, Lancashire, UK.


Feel free to disqualify this for having nothing whatsoever to do with the brief of Wildlife and Landscape.
Took this in The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which I believe is not far from where Mr @sil lives.
I got one or two odd looks as I had to lie down on the floor to capture this one. My boys in the background.


For this particular competition I feel this is off-topic but we will have other competitions so may be suitable for future ones.

You are correct @sil lives in or around Birmingham. I think I could narrow that search slightly but clearly I have no intention to. I couldn’t direct you to his house or flat, but if I could it’s not something that is going to happen.

Sorry @sil I sort of implied I might give your address away because the previous version of this had a double negative. Obviously this is not what I meant to say.

I wouldn’t mind knowing what gear was used for photos.

OK,you should post too but I’ll start

Ifracoombe, North Devon, UK
Kit Nikon D80, 135 mm lens /f8 exposure 1/125s

For everyone else, if you have f numbers etc. some of us might be interested but it is not a requirement for the competition,

This is about images and if it works for you I am happy with a shoebox pin-hole camera, a compac or anything else.

Go for it - What can you do?


I’m looking, I’m looking. :slight_smile:

Absolutely. I like being impressed with quality photos from humble equipment.

Some wetlands were flooded years ago.

Fuji S6000FD 1/800s f8

Edit: There is nothing I have that can hold a candle to what has already been posted. So, I post anyway because it’s fun and hope that my humble efforts encourage others not to be shy about posting. :slight_smile:


I was playing with my iPhone 5s outside my shop.



My Misty photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Nothing fancy and then cropped the photo and went B & W in Gimp.

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Back o’ the van.

The view from our home office window one morning last summer:

And from our barn last December:


Water of Leith flowing through the campus of Otago University under the clock tower, Dunedin, New Zealand.


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