Closed: Bad Voltage Photography Competition


Confused the shit out of me with that, given that I’m sat in Leith (the original one) right now! :slight_smile:


Wow! I love wee islands that hang off the coast like that. Where is that?


Ah yes, blame the settlers who decided to name everything after existing places. (So creative!) When the Scottish settled here they named it after the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh. Places / landmarks inside didn’t even bother with the different language thing. Then again our whole country is New Zealand, being named after the ‘old’ Zeeland province of the Netherlands. We should really change the official name to Aotearoa, the Māori name for it.



Its name comes from Dùn Èideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland

This is what happens when you use Wikipedia, sorry for not using primary sources.

Anyway, I’d be interested to see some more photos, this is getting into a tangent.


Looking through the fronds of a kōwhai tree towards a cluster of [unknown species of] pines.

[edit: slightly cropped. I hope this is allowed]

For both of mine it’s the fairly average Vodafone Smart prime 6. The uploader seems to have removed all metadata (privacy I guess) but if you want specifics I can go and find it, just message me.


No no no no no, you misunderstand. You said “Scottish Gaelic”, rather than just “Gaelic”! Well done! Well played! :slight_smile:


Playing with my old Fuji. The sky was hazy and my neighbor’s tree framed the moon nicely. I just couldn’t manage to get the exposure I wanted though.

Copy of DSCF2571A


This competition is now closed to new entries. You can continue to post pictures but they won’t be counted. I promised a poll to select the winner and I’ll set that up on Saturday

There is one entry fro, @joe and one from me I am planning to let them both stand as entries. However should the final decision come down to a draw and @jonobacon, @sil and @jeremy have to make the casting vote it can’t be for @joe and myself. .


I was wondering if we could do another one of these - to Celebrate happy Easter - as I am sure they will be colorful with the new Spring flowers’ in bloom.

One caveat - Why can’t we have a " panoramic-photograff " for a competition this time @WarrenHill ?

Shake up the game abit (?)


You don’t have to be a presenter or moderator to start a conversation here. Go for it.


Right - Using @jonobacon 's rule of thumb, and as I’ve just woke-up.

I shall put-out these new hashtags for the day, being heuristic (Is that the right term ?)

1, #NewIdeas 2, #FreshThinking 3, #NumberwangPlus

Particularly as there is a tendency on friday to get too much field on social-media, I shall go for a walk and have an outside thought on a new OpenSeason for Letter-Box-style public-photos.

I think that’s the responsible thing to-do.

and hopefully on GFAgreementDay - users shall treasure that.


still working on it.

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