Bad Voltage Roku Channel

Hi All,

Anyone know how to make a Roku channel? Could be fun to have a Bad Voltage channel. :slight_smile:

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Hi @jonobacon

First of all thanks for the post - I’ll be on IRC today until midnight as the Wonder-Wilderbeast so if you’d like to have a chat, then I’d be happy to entertain you o/

Secondly, the Roku has a kinda side-door which I found with this article from How-To Geek.

Apparently you can get Private Channels that allow for things like Khan Academy and things such the like.

Secondly, I suggest you start something on the github page ( and start something there )- which I added to recently, in my idea for a fan-page & magazine, or an issue to that extent anyway.

Hope this helps. I can only give you the article sorry - but my setup doesn’t allow for Roku. But if you get it up by Christmas - I think I’d like to sit down at my folks home and listen to badvoltage in the background.
So I hope you succeed.

Thanks for sharing. I would love to see this as a proper channel in the Roku store though. Anyone want to step up and make one?

Still passionate about this @jonobacon , still passionate.

It might be misguided of me , in terms of where I posted this message , but I was over at the badVoltage sailfish github page and asked for a Roku channel repository to be enabled so that I could place an issue , and thereby a minor (McFlurry + burger) Bounty on the, said repository.

I can understand (seriously I can @jonobacon ) that you wouldn’t consider, in your wildest dreams that there even needs to be a bounty in place to ex-peed the process of getting the RSS feed onto the Roku box/site, but I feel that we have to live in the real world. I hope you are not suffused with rankling over my actions, and I hope that “the team” can work together on providing a meaningful platform badvoltage on Roku and elsewhere.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to-add a repository to this page in github.
Perhaps you could contact the maintainers to try out and see if you can make this happen ?

I’ve put together an initial version of a Roku Channel for Bad Voltage. @sil has just accepted the pull request on the Bad Voltage roku-app GitHub repo :slight_smile:

I’ve started the publishing process with Roku, but it can take a couple of weeks to get a new channel validated. This is what it looks like:


This is fabulous work! Nice one. People with Rokus who are a bit developer-y, feel free to test and feed back, and send pull requests if you have thoughts.

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Looks great, I’ll fire it up this weekend and shall return!


After a 5 month hiatus I’ve finally got round to getting the Bad Voltage channel published in the Roku Channel store. It is now available in all regions :slight_smile: Sadly only web visible on the channel store in the US, which is a general Roku limitation.

Here are some photos to prove it happened:

Listed in New channels

Channel summary

Home screen

The Channel

To add the Bad Voltage channel to your Roku(s) just search for “Bad Voltage” on your Roku or use this Vanity Access Code:

The code is all on GitHub here:


This is absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much @flexiondotorg!

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