2x01: He Grew Whiskers

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia return with the first episode of season 2 of Bad Voltage! Featuring a vitriolic Stuart, a victorious Jeremy, a virulently ill Jono, and:

  • [00:04:00] We bring our predictions for what's going to happen in the tech world in 2017. Broken up into three parts, first comes Stuart's attempt to be Nostradamus with regard to the web, Apple, Oracle, and Amazon
  • [00:14:30] In the news this week, a girl uses her sleeping mother's fingerprint to buy Pokemon stuff, a newscaster says Alexa command words on air and orders a zillion doll houses, Samsung unveil 8K TVs and Panasonic unveil a baby voice recognition engine at CES, and the new Bad Voltage Roku channel courtesy of Martin Wimpress
  • [00:22:30] Jono predicts 2017, focusing on Google+, electric cars, phones, and VR
  • [00:33:00] Jono reviews the Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury, including whether the technology inside it is actually good, what the deal is with Caddys these days, Android Auto and entertainment systems in a modern car, and whether Bacon knows anything about cars
  • [00:50:00] Jeremy gives his predictions for 2017, looking at Canonical, mobile apps, and Linux market share

Also, Bad Voltage are returning to SCALE in Pasadena in March for a live show! Keep your ears open for more details, and buy your SCALE tickets now!

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Nice show. Where was the noise from? Noticed it most whenever @jeremy would talk.

@jonobacon did a nice job on the review. Really don’t care about the vehicle, but I enjoyed the review. The best part of the review was the music. Who did that?

Thanks guys for the show.

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It seems @jeremy has some background hum. Apologies for this. We will get this fixed.

Thanks! It was fun writing it. The music I found online. :slight_smile:

the US-ifcation of Mr Bacon continues - a Caddie … wow.
Having said that I’ve have driven a smaller Caddie SUV and the toys where v good, but still handled like a dog.

Straight line sure, but still couldnt go round a corner.

Did you look at West Midlands best - Land Rover - the Discovery?

I think @jonobacon might be on to something about Google+. I just now got a Google Opinion Reward question about how often I used Google+ and if using something similar.

I do use it, and like it, but it’s been a lot less content the last year, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they shut it down. I’m not looking forward to going back to Facebook.

Well, you may have a point. :slight_smile:

The handling seems pretty decent to me, but I am by no means an expert here. At least it is not a yellow car, unlike some (cough @sil cough).

It will be a real shame to see it go, but I just don’t see how they can maintain a social network that they are unwilling to keep investing in. There is a high risk of user dissatisfaction, and Google are well known for canning things if they don’t think they offer the value they should.

I think I haven’t used G+ for over two years. Ok, I never really did.
As the usual social network, there’s facebook.
For the other more specific stuff there are dedicated places, like forums, mailing lists etc. As an example we are using this forum for Bad Voltage stuff, not G+. For news RSS and Twitter suits better. For me there’s not really a reason to use G+.

Small Italian cars are the bomb :wink:

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@jonobacon reading car brochures out loud does not make for interesting listening. You have my vote for most boring BV review ever; I actually skipped forward past it (unheard of for me and BV). However, I did enjoy everyone else’s ribbing of your choice and review. Being a public-transport-relying Briton in London may be a factor in how little I cared, but I like cars (taken holidays and driven hours just to get to and drive nice “driver’s” roads before, back when I had my ~240bhp monster) and I still didn’t give a shit until you got to talking the tech.

I’ll +1 on G+ being put out of its misery this year; had the same thought a month or two ago when the first notification popped up from it that I’d seen in a while. It still had a chance at the start of the year (I’ve been generally hopeful for it until now) but I don’t think its grown out of its niche or got to where Google wanted it to - and they haven’t even tried to push it (that I’ve seen). I’ll be a little sad that facebook is becoming even more of a monopoly.

Fair. Next time I will reduce the specs a little - I figured people might want to hear them, but fair point.

If Fiat had made an Abarth Esseesse version of the Bravo, I’d be in heaven.

Ahh the Punto is awesome too, I wonder why they never went up to the Bravo?

Or even the Multipla :stuck_out_tongue: https://www.facebook.com/AutoAddicted/videos/1247974875293066/

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I know, I’ve had three of them! A red Mk I, a red Mk 2b, and a Grande.

No idea. I assume the size? But then again, it’s about the same size as an Astra or a Focus, and there are stupidly sporty versions of those (the VXR and the ST).

Sick bastard :wink: That was kinda epic though, never seen a Multipla get that untidy! Up on three wheels too!

Great start to the season, even if @sil crapped on 5 years of my career in about 30 seconds :joy:

Not sure about the music change for the review section though.


Sounds like the sort of thing I do, but what specifically? :slight_smile:


so I’ve been listening to the show today while walking my dog in the morning snowfall, and when you were reiterating the story about Alexa auto-ordering dollhouses my google tried to search for “jon”. No idea why, but i seems i need to cut down on volume, if my microphone is catching stuff played in the headphones.

As a bonus, a picture from the walk.


I worked at MySQL and HP Cloud. Although I mostly agree with your analysis. MySQL was acquired via Sun to Oracle, to be fair they do invest money in it and are still producing good things. I work for MariaDB now though.

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Looks like a great walk,if your microphone can pick up the noise from your headphones its certainly to loud for your ears never-mind your phone. I used to work as a tour manager and my hearing suffers from too many nights in arena and stadiums. Being a musician too doesn’t help though these days I mainly play folk so the volume is not excessive.

Look after your ears. By the way where was this photo taken. I’m not after an address or GPS location but I’m interested in where Bad Voltage fans are from.

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My hearing is generally not good as i had some hearing damage due to an accident. I kind of have to listed to loud stuff.

Cracow in Poland. Just by Vistula river.

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