Bad Voltage Poll Series - Which Desktop Operating Systems Do You Currently Run?

Will be interesting to see how the results here compare to the poll going at LQ.

  • BSD Variant
  • ChromeOS
  • Haiku
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Other *NIX
  • ReactOS
  • Windows
  • Other

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I had to look up and down the list a couple of times before realising that, as an Ubuntu user, I was meant to choose “Linux”…


Ha! Is there a word for “racist”… except about Linux distros? :slight_smile:


Just so it’s documented… one of my choices was “Other”. For me that means “FreeDOS”.

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I very nearly picked “Other”. Still might change my vote … :slight_smile:

We also have Desktop Distribution of the Year poll every year, but this is really asking a different question. While it may change in the future, I’d still consider Ubuntu a Linux distribution at this time. If some asked you “Do you use Linux?”, would you consider saying “No” because you use Ubuntu?


No. I was, mostly, joking about changing my vote to “Other”. I honestly was puzzled at first because Ubuntu wasn’t in the list, though, because I see it as an OS and so don’t think of it as just another distribution. The puzzlement only lasted about one second, though :slight_smile:

I feel the urge to specify that my vote for “Linux” stands for Arch Linux in my case…
Oh noes, I’ve fallen into the Archer stereotype of telling people I’m using Arch. Have I mentioned that I use Arch, BTW? Gotta live cutting oneself with bleeding edged swords and shooting oneself’s foot using pacman -Syu :joy:

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Kinda tempted to fire up ReactOS so I can vote for it

I’m presuming that everyone at LQ is using Linux because that’s the focus of the site. Many may also other Operating Systems as well for example I have to use Windows at work because my boss insists I use several particular CAD programs which are only available on that OS.

Linux is not the primary focus of Bad Voltage however and while many of us here are Linux users, in my case primarily Ubuntu, I have friends who like me love the show and would never miss an episode. They are however exclusively Windows users.

While Linux heavy, we have a pretty diverse audience at LQ. Currently 100% of BV respondents use Linux, while at LQ it’s 95.95% (granted the sample size is 8 vs closing in on 300). Interestingly, Windows usage is similar for both polls, currently 37% vs 35%.


Same here. FreeDOS could have been one of the main options. As beautiful an OS as Haiku will be one day, I suspect there are currently far more FreeDOS users.

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Very interesting that there are other *NIX users but no one for BSD as of now. I mostly use Linux and Windows, but I have used HP-UX before–a very old school UNIX. I didn’t realize how much I miss using the “modern” GNU utilities every time I’ve used it.

Lol, looks like there’s something wrong with the poll. Currently at 197% out of 100%

Nah; you can vote for multiple OSes :slight_smile:

Percentages in this case mean “out of all the voters, how many have X”. Therefore, all voters claim to use Linux, a 22% of the voters use OS X, etc. A problem would arise if the total amounted over 900% (9 options * 100%) hhahaha.

I run Debian on my laptops and FreeBSD (actually pc-bsd) on my desktop. Wife’s laptop runs Mint and her desktop runs Debian.

I would say that most of us clicking Windows is due to the fact that this is the OS we have to use at work…or to play any Blizzard title.


Someone’s actually running Haiku? Beard.


Ubuntu is Linux, no matter what their marketing team doesn’t say. Let me pose what I would consider a better question - how is Ubuntu not Linux?

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