Bad Voltage Poll Series - Which Desktop Operating System Do You Consider Your Primary?

As a follow-up to Which Desktop Operating Systems Do You Currently Run, this time we want to know: Which Desktop Operating System Do You Consider Your Primary?

  • BSD Variant
  • ChromeOS
  • Haiku
  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Other *NIX
  • ReactOS
  • Windows
  • Other

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I have given up on Linux^H^H^H^H systemd on the desktop. Every time I try to get along with systemd, the devs take hubris and arrogance to new levels. The latest example of that is their making it the default to kill everything belonging to a user when that user logs out. I know you can set a compile time option, but pushing that change, and then demanding that projects like tmux and screen and nohup then go back and code around systemd and the change is a rather arrogant move, wouldn’t you say?

So I switched my desktop over to pc-bsd in January, 2015, and haven’t looked back. As systemd pisses me off in more ways, more of my systems either get the treatment or get migrated to BSD, whichever makes sense.

Note that these boxes have existed for many years…I’m sure if I nuked and paved, they would behave themselves, at least until the next fit of hubris from the sysetmd devs. My backup/DHCP server worked fine until networkd came along and had zero backward comatibility and zero deprecation warnings. Then the network had to be manually restarted in order for it to get it’s IP address. Went back to sysvinit, and things started working again. If I were to nuke’n’pave, I could reinstall Linux and wait for the time bomb of the next thing that systemd tries to “fix” for us, or I could install BSD and have a “one and done” solution.

The company I work for supplied me with a 2015 Macbook Pro, but I prefer my 2012 Lenovo x220 running Linux (currently openSUSE Tumbleweed). I consider the x220 to be my primary machine, it is the one I use for almost everything. I only use the Mac for Skype and when I’m handed Keynote or PPT slides.

You didn’t see this or this or this?

Apparently the root cause is Gnome failing to clean up on logout, and systemd opted to invol the Nuclear Hammer of Thor…

I had not seen those, no. That’s … pretty fucking ridiculous, actually. Instead of GNOME fixing their problem, everyone else has to suffer? Because the systemd devs decide something fundamental to standard UNIX operations has to change, then other tools - in fucking userspace, mind - must be adapted to cope, even though they work fine everywhere else?

I don’t know if this is change for change’s sake, or if this is some bullshit devops type shenanigans infecting systemd, but this just makes me mad, and justifies to myself that my wholesale non-server move to OS X / iOS back in 2007 was a good idea.

Exactly. As one respondent said in the tmux thread, “Result: a long period of making everything in world depend on systemd, followed by nothing gained for all the pain.”

I don’t know if it is change for change’s sake either, but systemd is taking us further and further from what Unix is…That’s why I have taken to either ripping systemd out and going back to sysvinit, or converting systems to BSD, whichever makes sense. Because, personally, I think that it is a matter of time before systemd is going to force a kernel change that will put the non-systemd distros (Gentoo, Slackware, Devuan) into a “convert or die” situation. Because for whatever reason, they want all Linux distros and users drinking the systemd kool-aid.

I’m in a similar situation. The machine I use the most is a macbook. But I use it to administer Linux servers. So, I consider Linux my primary OS. Its also the OS I use when I have any choice.

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