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I am currently listening to the album Nevermind by Nirvana and this got me thinking what gets us going musically?

I know @jonobacon is a musician as am I and was wondering who else plays, what instruments and what styles of music. I mainly play traditional Irish and British folk but love lots of styles.

A good friend of mine was John Peel, now sadly no-longer with us, a British radio DJ - and much more, who famously said there are only two types of music “good” and “bad” we must choose for ourselves what belongs in these categories. If you are in love with something you think few of us have heard of post links so the rest of us can judge.

Note: we need to consider legality here , sites like YouTube are probably OK as are sites where the content owner has said its OK but we must not be breaking coprw-write law,

I know there are several people here significantly younger than me and I suspect a few that are older so this has the potential of being an interesting discussion.

I would like to add here that we are discussing personal choice and while there are several performers that I would not go and see if you paid me more money than has ever existed on this planet some of you may have similar feelings about my choices. So lets play nice and discuss what works for us.


Oooh fun. :slight_smile:

Wow, you knew John Peel? That is very cool. How did you know him?

Here are some of my pics for music that gets me going:


My music tastes seem change often, and most people my age (mid 30s) don’t like them. Thanks to my teenage son I currently listen to Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and similar whilst hacking. I liked Royal Blood since I first heard their tracks on SoundCloud, long before they released their first album.

When I’m in the right mood I also listen to some of the things in Jono’s list, UK 80s pop, pretty random.

I also quite like this take on an Imagine Dragons track:

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I’m a bit eclectic in my music. One of the styles I do love is big band. Doc Severinsen would have made Glenn Miller proud with this one. The energy in this is great.


Hi @jonobacon I feel slightly uncomfortable saying this but I lived briefly in Ilford, Essex, and the girl in my local record shop was Kirsty McCall who again will be very sadly missed. Musically I have more in common with her dad Ewan but she will always have an important place in my heart,

Aha appearering on your list was a surprise but why not I bought yje album when it fisrt came out and if for you its good , its good.

Wow, I never knew you knocked around with the rich and famous. :slight_smile:

@jonobacon you could of at least linked to a proper version of take on me. Is this Flute or recorder and kazoo?

We both have contacts others would envy. I may have a few musical ones, and I know how lucky I am but there are several contacts you have in the open source community I would love to have

Greg, I a personally not the biggest big band fan. If it works for you great.

I really dig shittyflute. Always makes me laugh. :slight_smile:

I completely understand.

I’ve been playing Euphonium in the local brass band for about ten years. But that’s already more than ten years in the past.

I almost exclusively listen to heavy metal. I currently have three tickets for concerts, which are the following:

Grave Digger, that’s the kind of music I’m usually listening to.

In summer I’m going to KISS and…

… Guns N`Roses

It’s gonna be a old-school-rock-summer.

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Great choice. I absolutely love Grave Digger. :slight_smile:

I think we have a very similar taste of music, I’ve been at concerts of the first four bands you’ve posted.

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This is not me but an example of the sort of music I usually end up playing

Do we have any other musicians and what do we play? I’m asking both about instruments and what music.

Got to share this:

My daughter has just come down stairs insisting I listen to this, not the Hugh Laurie version she was playing my keyboard. She plays keyboard better than me, Guitar is arguable she got her grade 8 last year I have had mine for a little over 20 years

It’s beautiful that I can share music with my 16 year old daughter: she learns from me, I freely admit I learn from her and there is a lot we disagree on. If we always agreed however life would be much less interesting.

I’ve been a massive fan of The Black Crowes, since they broke big in 1991, with their rocked up cover of Otis Reading’s Hard to Handle. They didn’t disappear, but they did largely reject making music for mass appeal. Instead they went on to make 10 Albums worth of vary varied, music. Most of it Rock, but all sorts of influences bubbling up along the way. In 98 they did a world tour with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, covering largely Zep material.
The band was started and ran by Chris and Rich Robinson, two Atlanta Brothers from a musical family who were steeped in southern blues, Aerosmith, Sly and the Family Stone from birth. In 2016, just as they were about to embark on a World tour, Chris Robinson basically torpedoed the band in favour of a new solo project.
The younger of the two brothers, Rich Robinson, was not as ready to leave behind nearly 30 years of work, and called up some of the most revered musicians that had been members of the Crowes, and formed a new band to combine the Crowes catalogue with covers and new material. The new band is “The Magpie Salute”. Sadly, just as the new band was ready to break cover, their very highly regarded and well loved keyboardist, Eddie Harsch, passed away. However, they have decided to carry on with the tour as planned. Their first dates in New York have opened to rave reviews and more importantly, a hugely positive fan response. Their first UK date in April sold out in hours flat, and they’ve added two more dates. And I am mega exited to have tickets :slight_smile:

This is what the fuss is about…

I have liked Les Paul for many years. He is another example, much like David Bowie, that just wouldn’t quit because of age or sickness. He released the album Les Paul and Friends at the age of 90! And he could still play good.

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My typical morning playlist looks something like this:



Flogging Molly:

Red Elvises:

No More Kings:


Albert King:

Then lots of big band, blues, & jazz.

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