Bad Voltage Listener Gaming Contest

Hey All,

There was some discussion in another thread about putting together a bit of an online gaming tournement. The idea is that the game should be:

  • Cross Platform (our listeners are varied).
  • Freely available.
  • For PC.
  • Include some means of building a competition around it.

Thoughts and suggestions for good games? Speaking personally I think a FPS would be most fun. :slight_smile:

@directhex suggested Team Fortress 2 on Steam. Good idea, and free, I believe. :slight_smile:


Just installed/configured a TF2 server. Will test it once I get home from work :smiley:

Man, that would be awesome. It would be really cool to have a custom BV server where we can hold the tourny. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @dankles!

Enemy Territory :wink:

(Actually we had a poke at this in #lugradio not long ago and it seemed a massive pain to get working on any modern distro)

I have created a Bad Voltage Gaming Group in Steam, Which should make getting together easier for TF2 easier.

Nice! I joined the group. :slight_smile:

So, ignore my ignorance, but how do you organize gaming events in a Steam Community?

I’ve never done it over steam. But I do notice there is a little tool for making a gaming event within a group. I notice one of the fields is the server address, which seems odd, because I thought it would be a Steam server. I guess the best way to learn is to try and organise an event and see what happens.

We only have three in the group so far. When would y’all like to play?

Maybe give it a test with Team Fortress 2 - I think this is free on Steam. Maybe test it to see how it works and report back and then we can coordinate an event.

Got a TF2 server up and running:

If the domain name is a problem, let me know. I’ve never really played TF2 much so I’ll have to mess around see about a good map rotation and such.

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OK, how do we connect to the server from within the game?

You’d have to add it as a “favorite” server, then you can see it and connect. I’m still working out how to get bots/AI working on the server to keep it from being so barren.

I tried it & I got a server not responding error?

Hey all, well up for joining in. Just let me know when and where :smiley:

So it sounds like we have a TF2 server from @dankles and a steam community from @b1ackcr0w - does someone want to set up a game sometime and we can give it a whirl?

Yay TF2. It still seems like yesterday that linux users quickly changed the conversation whenever a gaming session was mentioned… happy days.


Hey guys, I’ll see about getting the TF2 server running better come next week, hopefully on Monday. I’ll post again or start a new post on setting up a date for us to do some killing. I’ll try getting a mumble server up and running as well.

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I’m interested in this too.

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