2x29: Extra Meaty Skid

Jeremy Garcia, Jono Bacon, and Stuart Langridge present Bad Voltage, in which we are raided, we sell the forum (temporarily) to Alan Pope as part of the Papal Weekend, we are the youth gone wild, and:

  • [00:05:00] Cloudflare spin up a new DNS service at Google launching mid-range Pixel - likely focused on India... Revisiting our Mycroft review in the light of their 18.02 release: Stuart comments in detail, while Mycroft calls Jono a fool (really!)... Apple to move to ARM chips made by themselves in laptops, from 2020... Mark Shuttleworth talks about Canonical IPO... US restaurant PaneraBread leaks millions of customer records... Mozilla Reality: a browser, in VR... Profile Engine scraped hundreds of millions of users' Facebook profiles in 2007-2010... Google vs Oracle: Google loses appeal, APIs are copyrightable... we've been playing with the MarcoPolo "video walkie-talkie" app, and review it...
  • [01:01:00] Jeremy and Stuart and others have been working on building Measure, a tool for people who manage open source projects. It helps you know what's going on in the community, who's contributing and who isn't, and generally gives you more visibility, while being easy to understand and opinionated in which things it shows you. We talk about it here, and Jeremy spoke about Measure at SCaLE 16x in more detail still if you want to know even more

Come chat with us and the community in our Slack channel via https://badvoltage-slack.herokuapp.com/!

Download from https://badvoltage.org

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@sil Windows 10 now runs quite happily on ARM:




They also have x86 emulation working with minimal performance loss (although I’m not sure how well that works)! There’s also plenty of Chromebook’s which run on ARM!

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Pope Voltage! Great to have a laugh first thing. :smile:

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IT’S PAPAL CELEBRATION DAY! It’s Space Invaders all around, please @popey :slight_smile:

Regarding @sil’s comment about example(.)org|com|net’s equivelent in IPv4 addresses (defined in RFC5735) these are:

Also, there’s a “inter-network testing” IP range (defined in RFC2544) which is

I like the sound and idea of Measure, but I don’t think it’s quite targetted at projects of my size :slight_smile:

It’s Space RAIDERS, you snack philistine!

D’oh! I clearly inhaled too many of the beef space raider crumbs as a child and misremembered them!

And also an “ENGLISH SNACK”? WTF MR @jonobacon?!?!

It is and English snack. It is made in England.

Stop trying to get in on the Space Raiders, you glorychaser. :slight_smile:

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By saying “English” rather than “British” implies it’s a local delicacy that has somehow found it’s way out into the rest of the world, while the reality is that KP released Space Raiders in 1987 across the UK. It’s kind of like saying the “English parliament” just because it’s in England.

And also Spicy Bikers kick Space Raiders’ arse.


As someone who nitpicks everyone about their language, you should see this:


You said:

Space Raiders are a snack produced in England, this I was referring to it’s origin “relating to England”, per the definition.

Is it sold and consumed elsewhere, sure!

relating to England, its people, or their language

But not their crisps, so:


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Is there a “spin” to the snack?

a spinning motion imparted to a ball, especially in billiards.

Or, maybe a reference to the print on the package?

a 14-point type of a size between pica and Columbian.

One really shouldn’t jump to conclusions. :smile:

No, not really; Jono is just being a tit because he knows if he brings up Tunnock’s Caramel Wafers, and if he calls them “British”, I’ll fucking lose it :slight_smile:


KP was part of United Biscuits in 1987. United Biscuits are a British company, not an English company.

The managing director of Tunnock’s considers them as British as well:

Mr Tunnock told The Scotsman: “You’ve got the Great British Bake Off and things like that these days. We could have said Scottish but you’re then promoting Scotland. We’re British.”

Read more at: https://www.scotsman.com/business/companies/retail/tunnock-s-rebrands-as-british-in-bid-to-win-over-japan-1-4505809

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Shouldn’t this now be popevoltage.org?

By the way @popey what’s the cat’s name?

Can we please calm this down?

I’m English and I love Scotland, used to live there.

There are times we should celebrate our differences and times we should stand together as British, Europeans, Americans, or Just Humans.

Wherever KP made this snack it was aimed initially at the whole of the UK. Not sure what other markets, if any it was targeted to.

Everyone is having a bit of fun. I don’t think anyone is seriously arguing anything here, I am sure not

Hey @popey its really hard to read anything on this forum on the upper half of my screen. Since you are now the BDFL could you please paint your walls a darker shade and get a tan… unless you have more cats.

OK, it’s Tuesday, and so the Papal Weekend is over! Many thanks to @popey for his purchase and takeover of the forum. Now we can read the writing again :slight_smile: It was fun while it lasted…

He is https://twitter.com/salempope

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