2x29: Extra Meaty Skid


Is Salem Lord And Master of the Universe? I have said that cats prove the multi-universe theory. Each cat is the center of the universe! And the sooner we figure that out, the better off they will be. :smile:

My wife says our cats are spoiled. I say there is no such thing. Cats have entitlements. :smile:


Speak for yourself, SASSENACH!!! :wink:


Interesting idea of Marco Polo, sort of what I saw in China when visited a few years as they used WeChat to send each other voice messages instead of just chatting.

As Stuart pointed out in the show, I’m not sure what is the compelling reason to use this over already another messenger app that lets you send videos to each other?

And reading their privacy policy, just seems another one to hand your data to. See this excerpt, emphasis mine:

Security of your personal information
We have taken certain physical, administrative, and technical steps to help safeguard the information we collect from and about you. While we take steps to help ensure the integrity and security of our network and systems, we cannot guarantee our security measures.

Also their website doesn’t even have https :confused:


This is strangely refreshing. Fact is, no-one can guarantee their security measures.


Guess no IPO for Canonical this year. https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/05/canonical-ipo-not-happening-this-year

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