2×20: Over a Ton of Window

Stuart Langridge, Jono Bacon, and Jeremy Garcia present Bad Voltage, in which some people watch Star Trek Discovery and some emphatically do not, some are at conferences and some are not, and:

  • [00:02:45] Every wifi device on the planet is broken by a fully-branded attack named Krack, suggesting that nobody listened to the plan to "Just say no"... Google Maps now also covers various planets and moons across the solar system, giving whole worlds of alien customers to be asked to add their photos of the venue they're in... Microsoft add support for Ogg Vorbis, Ogg Theora to Windows, not a moment too soon... Essential the phone people are sued by the bloke who set up Nest over the external-devices connector... Netflix adds 5.3 million subscribers in Q3, presumably from all the people on Europa who now have Google Maps as well...
  • [00:28:25] The Purism Librem 5 hits its crowdfunding target of $1.5 million with a week still to go, so lots of people are certainly sure it's viable enough to be worth buying. New entrants into the phone market are fairly common, and them dying having had little-to-no success is equally common, but the Librem 5 might be different; are they going after the mass market? Can a "security and privacy-focused phone" hit sustainability while only selling to people who are already convinced by the ideas it embodies? And can it be any good? We dive in

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Just part way through the news segment and I do need to correct the fact that you now require a TV license to view anything on iPlayer (since July)

@sil I can confirm this is the case. The main point of the TV licence is to fund public service broadcasting, which in the UK is the BBC. This is part of the thinking behind why you now need to register to use the BBC iPlayer which I sort of get for TV as it gives them a way to check you have a licence. I disagree strongly with this requirement being applied to radio programs. If I can legitimately listen to the Archers, and I never do, on radio 4 without a licence why should I need one to listen to it on iPlayer?

I believe you can still watch 4oD without a licence though.

For the benefit of people outside the UK the BBC is, in my opinion the best TV channel on the planet - but feel free to disagree with me here - and, the national broadcaster and public service. Channel 4 is a TV channel funded through advertising. iPlayer is the BBC online service while 4oD is Channel4’s online service.

I stand corrected; thank you!

I think you’re right that you are a small demographic…but I don’t think you’re “the demographic”. In fact, I don’t think they’re limiting themselves to a demographic at all. There’s no gatekeeping :slight_smile:
I’m not a technical person, not involved in any community, female, of colour, career college education, Free software enthusiast instead of open sourcer, working class, I like to feed squirrels; That’s my demographic profile. To my knowledge, I’m the only one here who bought one. Actually, the only one who freaked the f&ck out over it. Hrrm, Stuart did also mention nutters too though, sooo…:wink:

You’re all very right in that it is cool! It’s way cool! Thanks for mentioning they’re in stretch right now too :slight_smile:

Overton Window:

As several people here have probably guessed I have always walked a fine line when it comes to privacy.

There are times when I feel I need to put my head over the edge because if we are not prepared to stand behind our beliefs we should.

That said, I need real security some times and thus have two phones and I choose to replace the SIM in one of them on a regular basis.

Warren Hill

@sil @jonobacon .if community.badvoltage.org is up for sale is badvoltage.community.org available?


Yes. $30 million and 3 boxes of Monster Munch (pickled onion) and it is yours.

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Instead of a foldable keyboard, @sil needs pockets with Time Lord technology. Then he can fit anything and everything that can comfortably sit on his lap while traveling. :smile:

Actually @jonobacon It is available and given my web plan I could add it as a second website within my existing package. Let me know if you want it and I will register it tomorrow with a simple redirect.

Send me an E-mail or PM if you are interesred and I’ll set it up

perhaps you should ask for McD’'s 1990s special szechuan sauce not space raiders for the domain :)?

I feel like I already wrote a comment about keyboards on a previous show here. Or maybe it was the amazon review for mine. I looked at reviews for lots of them and decided I didn’t want one with mouse track pad (if I need a mouse badly enough I bring a baby one and plug it in via USB OTG cable bit that is rare indeed).

I wanted one that will take abuse abused fit in a pocket and in a train back-of-seat tray. Batteries even for BTkeyboards last ages - a month or more for most I think, so shouldn’t need to be a consideration. All the BT ones only do BT it seems - they likely use USB to charge but can’t connect data to a device (if you are worried about anyone hacking the connection at say a security conference).

For media PC I have a Logitech (with touchpad) excellent-for-the-job almost-full-size K400 (bro-in-law independently made same choice), but for fitting in jeans back pocket or jacket inside pocket the aluminum-cased 1byone is good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00VRCKF5K/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Note: that exact item not on sale anymore bit about 10 other rebranded copies by other Chinese brands (exact same item I bet) exist.

Worst downsides of this one after owning 2 years (if you don’t want touchpad) are lack of right hand shift key and USA only layout (that’s impossible to find at pocket size for under 40 quid I think) - I made little stickers (as I comment in my reviews) to remind me which shift/key combos do what UK layout keys. Plus that it doesn’t quite work ideally on a lap if your legs are not square in cross section and have a gap between, you know, like most people… the 3 way fold protects keys really well but means if you press keys in the middle too hard the middle drops down and the two sides lift up when there is nothing below the middle of the keyboard, as it starts to close up a bit. But I think I scored well with that keyboard ovreally for the money (£25ish?). A colleague at a job early this year bought about every portable small chiclet/similar keyboard amazon sell including the thinner Microsoft ones and could offer advice -he sent most back as they didn’t fulfill the needs. He was after slightly different things than me. They do an MS Natural type folding one that need a flat surface, no laps please, mine at least copes with laps if careful. Many others don’t fold small enough.
Keys on mine are so much better and more proper than a 48k Speccy, while not the same travel as a full sized board they do move and have decent feel.

Interesting that @sil said (something like) “all my friends are on Facebook Messenger, but I’m on Matrix, and there’s no way to square that circle”.

Matrix is, quite literally, designed to square that exact circle. It’s a decentralized chat system, with bridges into “many” of the IM and VOIP systems… and here’s the bridge for FB Chat. OK, so you have to run your own Matrix Homeserver, but still… it’s totally do-able.

There are also bridges to IRC, Gitter.im, Rocket.Chat, Slack, Telegram, etc. etc. etc. Probably worth getting Matthew from Matrix in to discuss it :slight_smile:

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I knew someone was going to say this. :slight_smile:

Matrix is designed to, indeed, with its “bridges” idea. I am very, very sceptical indeed of it. You have to run your own home server. Which is not a thing for normal people to do – normal people don’t even have a computer to run it on, right?

(Also sceptical that it can actually handle all the stuff that FB messenger does, or that it won’t just randomly break a lot because there’s no open API; this is like Gaim was fifteen years ago, where AIM broke all the time because the OSCAR API was weird and didn’t do half the stuff. And that was still better than today where everyone pretended to support XMPP and then dropped it.) Honestly, I’m tired of using half-finished lashed-together reverse-engineered build-it-yourself “interfaces” to real things just because we’re not allowed the real things. It is good that such things exist, and it’s good that they provide an alternative method of access. But I used to derive joy out of the very fact that I was using such a thing rather than the “real” version, because fight the power! and now I don’t. I’m more concerned about things like “what FB do with my data”, and “use a different client for the same service” doesn’t really help with that…

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LOL, fair point.

Um, not for everything. FB Messenger, yehr that’s a problem, but certain protocols where the servers are prepared to interoperate (e.g. Gitter, many IRC networks) or where it’s easy to have a puppet to operate for you (e.g. Slack) these are out-of-the-box working for the matrix.org server, and it’s not the only home server being operated (I think they’re following the identi.ca model), and other servers will have bridges to other systems (e.g. Telegram) which are working.

But, yes. I know what you mean. I think it’s just the fact that you said that Matrix doesn’t do the exact thing it’s designed for, was what pulled my chain :slight_smile:


@jonobacon you asked for comments on audio quality so here goes:

What ever you did with the gate this episode produced some very strange results. Have a listen to this clip for example: https://joeress.com/weird-gate-noise.mp3

I stopped using a gate a long time ago because it was giving me weird artifacts with breaths etc. Instead I use the excellent noise removal tool in Audacity (and edit out the “silent” bits manually).

In Finland we have our own public broadcasting company, Yle, very similar to BBC in UK. We also had this TV license system for decades, but it was ended a couple years ago. It was replaced by Public broadcasting tax at 2013. This tax is annually 70-143 euros (or 0 euros), depending on person’s income.

The reason for the change was that deciding whether a person was supposed to pay the TV license was getting harder and harder because of different technologies people can use to watch TV. And because Yle is not about just radio and TV anymore. They have news and streaming in the web too.

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You don’t.

Do I need a TV Licence for all on demand programmes?

No. You don’t need a licence if you only ever watch on demand or catch up programmes on services other than BBC iPlayer* (and you also never watch live TV programmes on any channel, including on iPlayer).

You don’t need to be covered by a licence to watch any films or TV shows that you buy online.

*You don’t need a licence to watch S4C TV on demand or listen to radio on iPlayer [emphasis neuro’s]. You also don’t need one to watch films or TV shows on iPlayer that you’ve bought on the BBC Store.

Did I hear @jonobacon pronounce the name of the moon Io as ‘Lo’? :grinning:

Timestamp? :slight_smile:

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