2×20: Over a Ton of Window


It’s at 9.50. I felt bad pointing out this mistake, but not after he maligned star trek geeks :grinning:


Nice one, cheers!

Holy crap, @jonobacon. “I’m going to butcher all of these” … only some, unfortunately! It’s “You’re Opah”, not “Euro Pah”, and Io, being the first body in the solar system to show active volcanism, is a bit of an astronomical celebrity, so that’s a bit disappointing to hear you MASSIVELY BUTCHER IT’S NAME!

Also, @sil, “En-sel-ah-dus” is “En-selah-dus”.

Christ, I feel like Hermione. It’s Le-viosa, not Levee-oh-sah!.


I know. But if I’d said that, the enchilada joke wouldn’t have made sense.


I am using an old Galaxy S3 for a media device. If and when I am able to update the firmware on my router, would there still be an issue since the old phone won’t update? I only use it on the network with this router.




I’ve got a couple S3 that I installed Lineage OS on, they’ve patched the KRACK vulnerability so if you’re willing and able you should upgrade to Lineage 14.1.


Owning a TV wasn’t enough to require a licence.

When I was at uni we didn’t watch live telly and let the inspector in. He saw our consoles hooked up to our TV and marked us down as not needing a licence.

Every household was assumed to have a TV though and would get harassed about it whether the licence was paid up or not. I have a vivid memory of my infuriated father posting the paid licence back to them after receiving a threatening letter!

Jono’s mate, much like Jono, clearly didn’t know the law :wink:

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