2x01: He Grew Whiskers


-1 for saying “moving forward” :smirk:

-2 for buying a Caddy rather than a wood-panelled station wagon SUV crossover. Pfft, what sort of American dad are you?


That is the stupidest looking car in creation. Did the owner think they wanted a monster truck or something? :slight_smile:


Hey now, be kind. You know he has a British impediment! I’m sure he is working hard to overcome his disabilities. :smile:

I think the music is better than what was used previously. Much better.


If you guys are suggesting some wood-paneled shagwagon was a better option, I may not have the problem here. :slight_smile:

Great to hear. I do plan on varying the review music moving forward to keep things fres.


Since you were all enamored with the tech in the Cadillac, you would probably be even more impressed with the 8-track tape player in the “shagwagon”. :smile:


At least he didn’t get a Nissan Juke. Which is basically a Hernia on wheels.


Careful now there has been a British invasion. Both moderators @joe and myself are British as for the the presenters @sil is also British, as for @jonobacon you might be able to take the presenter out of Britain but you will never take the Britain out of the presenter.

I say this from experience having being born in Britain lived for 3 years in Japan, 2 years in Canada and 7 years in Thailand, now back in the UK.

You know we welcome people from the US here as well as all other countries even you do insist on mispronouncing and misspelling our language.


I am half Maltese :blush:


Don’t get me started on Noah Webster changing English in the USA for basically political reasons. It just doesn’t make sense.

I sure hope everyone knows I was joking as to @jonobacon (and others) being British. I sure hate to be thought of as being one of the stupidest things a person could be, that is, a bigot. I willingly and eagerly apologize for any offense.

As for mispronunciations, I’m guilt of that mainly because English is my second language. My first language is Gibberish. :smile:


I stand corrected :sunglasses:


Relax as an engineer and developer I’m fluent in Gibberish. I also grew up about 8 miles from where Stuart now lives in an area known as the Black Country, a reference to to amount of smoke in the air when the UK still had manufacturing industry. This area has it’s own dialect so many would say English is not my first language either.

I’d hope by now you would know when I’m gently pulling your chain: I wouldn’t consider you as a bigot even for a second and I don’t think anybody else here would either.


Which half of you is a Malteser? Why haven’t you melted yet, revealing your crunchy honeycomb centre?


There’s far too much chocolate to melt


I was wondering if @jonobacon could give us an update on the Cadillac now that the new car smell is gone?

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