2x01: He Grew Whiskers


Could be fun to have a thread where people can post pictures of where they are. Always a fun little insight into folks’ lives. :slight_smile:


Since there’s like 40% chance now i’ll be leaving the country there would be a possibility for me to contribute twice.


I was listening in a 717 somewhere between Dallas and Atlanta. I wasn’t near the window seat so the photo would have sucked :wink:

Incidentally I was listening to the “No Such Thing as a Fish” podcast recently by having my phone bluetooth connected to my Echo and streaming the audio. The podcast mentioned the name ‘Alexa’ for some historical figure and the Echo got really confused. It probably shouldn’t be listening to itself saying the trigger word :slight_smile:


Cool episode for this new season!

I really like the idea of bringing guest hosts for later episodes! I hope the sound quality won’t suffer too much if your guests don’t have a top-notch microphone (because you set the bar pretty high, I realized that after listening to other podcasts).

The Cadillac review was very interesting for me from a purely anthropological (is that the right word?) point of view.

I realized how lucky I am to live in a big city where I can rely on very efficient public transportation (subways, buses, shared bicycles) as well as my feet and my own bicycle. When I need to go out of town, I take a train or a bus (or a plane if I really need to get that far :slight_smile:).

Now, back to the review. This car is called a Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury. It’s not just a Cadillac whatever. It’s a Cadillac XT5 Premium Luxury. Because Cadillac marketers probably did a market research and came up with the conclusion that the word “Premium” alone was not triggering the reptilian brain as well as “Premium Luxury” in potential buyers.

Then Jono explains it’s a really nice car to ride and the main reason he bought it are the toys. At US$ 54,390, those must be really nice toys, and at such a price it’d better be nice to ride! :wink:

In the end, I was a surprised to see that, in 2017, toys, shiny stuff and “premium luxury” branding bullshit was still a thing to sell super expensive 3 ton-heavy polluting machines to smart people.

… I guess I’m just not the core target of Cadillac and their friends? :slight_smile:

OK, picture of one of my modes of transportation:

(photo from Flickr)


Yeah, you could buy a 911 in the U.K. for that money; 4 seats and 4 wheel drive if you want it. What makes a good car is massively subjective :slight_smile:


what? no you can’t. A new Carrera is seventy-six grand!


Wasn’t suggesting new, but the 997s have dropped into the price lull that the 996 had before it. Luckily the 997 not awful like its predisedsor http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/porsche/911-carrera-997/porsche-911-997-carrera-2s----------------2005/6678763

Nearly new!


That’s a nice motor but it’s twelve years old! Jono’s car, as saggy in the corners as it might be, is delivery mileage only :slight_smile: Also, good luck getting modern toys on a car from before the iPhone was invented :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s a bit of an issue. Luckily Porsche use a standard size for their radios, so you can just drop a modern unit in. Bloody tempting, the Abarth would get me 1/3 there!


But are all these vehicles as cool as a Lincoln 4X4 Limo?


Episode 2x01, in which we discover how @sil’s loathing of technology is ultimately directed at Things That Beep. Barcode readers? @#$% 'em. PC speaker self-test? No. And woe betide the car horn too quiet to be classified as a proper “honk”.


A little update on G+. An interesting snippet:

“Just because we’re bidding adieu to classic Google+ doesn’t mean we’re done working on the new one. Our aim is to make Google+ the best place to connect around the things you care about, so please use the “Send Feedback” link in the apps and on the web to keep the feedback coming. We’re listening.”



I was just about to post the same thing!

All though I guess @jonobacon could argue the old G+ is dead and this is a new product with the same name?!


Well, he could, but if he were to try that we would obviously scorn him so hard that his skin would burn off


The announcement for the “new G+” in this context was made in 2015.



Oh yeah! I loved that part ahah


Yeah, we don’t understand him either… :slight_smile:


My prediction definitely applies to the Google+ we knew when the segment was recorded. I am not suggesting it won’t change, but I think the Google+ social network we know today will be shut down.

Now I just need Facebook to make some decisions about VR… :slight_smile:


-1 to the new review music, actually - it didn’t feel very BV at all to me. Review was fun, though. @jonobacon: when you say “next time, you’ll put in fewer specs”, how often do you purchase luxury cars?


I thought the music was cool, but each to their own. :slight_smile:

No, I don’t plan on buying many luxury cars moving forward, just private jets. :slight_smile:

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