1x61: Head Boiling

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, Bryan Lunduke, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which we ask, to distro or not to distro? We are also apparently twonkles, we don't fit inside the case, and:

  • 00:02:03 KDE Neon is a new distribution from some of the KDE team designed to show off the latest and greatest KDE, based on Ubuntu. Or maybe it's just a technology showcase and not intended to be your actual main OS. It seems to not be very clear exactly what KDE Neon is for, either within or without the KDE project; what might this all be about?
  • 00:23:28 Jono reviews the Bluesmart suitcase: a piece of luggage with Bluetooth and a battery and more technology than the USS Enterprise
  • 00:34:10 Karen Sandler and Bradley Kuhn from the Software Freedom Conservancy talk about what the SFC is and enforcing GPL compliance in a world of violating Internet of Things devices
  • 01:00:00 Rachel Roumeliotis from O'Reilly and organiser of OSCON follows up on a previous discussion about tech conferences and talks about how OSCON is changing to stay fresh

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why Ubuntu ? bad option to me , keep Kubuntu in the side , the Neon could be a good option with Arch or something barebone/light.
BUT every DE having their own distro would be the awesome-est idea ever <3

Certainly, “Boil your heed” means ‘boil your head of cabbage’. Inferring that you are a cabbage.

I do appreciate the Software Freedom Conservancy’s efforts to be supported by individuals and not relying on corporations for funding. It would insulate them from any pressure for action or inaction by such an entity. To illustrate, what would have the review of the Bluesmart suitcase have been if the maker was a sponsor?

I like cabbage! :smiley:

Wait. Really? :slightly_smiling:

So… he called me… a cabbage? I want this to be true. Tell me this is actually a real thing.

I feel exactly the same way. Without getting political about things – it reminds me of the Bernie Sanders funding route. If you’re not funded, in any way, by a company… that company just doesn’t have much sway over you (either overtly or subtly).

Oh. Hell. Speaking for myself: I think my response to the review would have been exactly the same. And, knowing Jono, I think his review would have been pretty much the same as well. But your point is totally right – If we, the Bad Voltage team, were completely reliant on “Smart Suitcase Money” to pay our bills and put food on the table… we’d be nervous about saying something negative about it for fear of losing that funding.

We, almost certainly, would still give the suitcase a hard time. But we’d at least pause for a second before we did. :slightly_smiling:

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And, please tell me, what other candidate has a dating site? :heart_eyes:


Great show, but one thing… what are lunch prices like in Jono’s part of the country?

Bradley Kuhn was spot on. Around $10 is what I would expect the lunch prices to be at most local restaurants and chains alike (for one person). Taco Bell, on the other hand, is where I would go to feed an entire group of people for $10.

I think Jono and I both interpreted “go out to eat one night” as dinner, although our response probably says more about our particular eating habits than anything else. $10 is certainly a reasonable price for lunch.


Ah, you’re right. He did say night. Dinner is a bit tougher.

Though, for $10, I still propose we change this from a Taco Bell fund to a Cracker Barrel one.

I’ve never heard of the term Twonkle, but saying to someone “You’re a twonk” is basically saying “You’re an idiot” so I guess he means that.

I think a twonkle is basically a male Tw*t.

All that rambling at the end of the show an no potato salad refrence.

I am currently trying the preview of KDE neon on Ubuntu 15.10. Here is what I have found so far:

  • It is truly pretty
  • some system icons do not have images (i.e. the terminal is a box with an "X" to show no icon)
  • It claims OpenGL 3.1 to be fully functional but
    • much added resource use and
    • missing some functionality with some apps (i.e. some Steam apps glitch)
  • lots of shortcuts are missing
    • no left click to paste (some apps only; apps like LibreOffice)[UPDATE: That happened when switching from OpenGL 2 to 3.1, and after reboot it fixed itself.]
    • windows key + L only locks after specific user configuration
    • etc. (I have used this a full 7 hours, I have not yet found everything)
  • some added features like dimming of non selected windows
  • adds about 2 seconds to boot over unity (hardware: 8 core 4.2GHz AMD FX, 24 GB 1600 DDR3, GeForce [something, I forget] with 1.18GHz core clock and 4 GB of GDDR5 RAM) (system load with nothing open: unity: 0.23%; KDE neon:0.68%)

All in all, I like it, but I would still say that it needs much work and is NOT ready for wide spread adoption. Advice for KDE: add the plasma mobile boot sound (that is awesome), fix current issues, increase speed.

Because I mentioned it, the mobile form of plasma is awful, FYI. After install, you have to resize the root partition manually. The keyboard is terrible, and the system just looks awful. After 5 minutes I went back to Ubuntu on my Nexus 5 after being unable to find a texting app, no phone service working, no contacts app, and the boot audio (AUDIO, NOT ANIMATION) was this undeniably British male saying "its gorgeous"
Look at it here

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Maybe because Ubuntu has a very stable base, and it is very easy to use/setup. While Arch may be a better performance option, Ubuntu already has the needed infrastructure, is easy, and common. After all, its everyone’s day dream to make something wildly popular, and Arch isn’t exactly known for being very easy to use with a pretty GUI.

Ronald Reagan used to say that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” But I think Bryan Lunduke saying “You have a communications problem; I’m here to help” is a serious contender for that title.

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Yay! Insults from Gerv! A person that is opposed to basic civil rights for all people!

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