1x61: Head Boiling

Well, that escalated quickly.

Did I miss off a smiley face? :slight_smile:

Neon IMO it’s just a KDE Unstable Ubuntu derivative, I see no reasons to worry about KDE distro agnosticism.

There are few alternatives to Neon for people wanting to run the latest and greatest KDE:

  • Argon and Krypton live ISOs by openSUSE community, mentioned by Brian in the show;

  • if I’m not mistaken, there is the same feature adding a PPA to Kubuntu - I’m not aware of the current status of these repos;

  • on openSUSE, which I’m running, there are the KDE community repos, unstable for the nightly git version or stable for an upstream official released version of Plasma for both Leap and Tumbleweed.

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