1x57: Deck the Blockchains

Jono Bacon, Jeremy Garcia, and Stuart Langridge bring you Bad Voltage, in which Bryan has no voice and is thus not with us, Jono has a cold and yet manfully overcomes this to be with us, the future is made of steel-sheathed blockchain-based arguments about the GPL, and:

  • 00:03:17 We review the predictions we made a year ago in shows 33 and 34, and see how we did in our role as Cassandras. The tl;dr here is, don't give up your day job, Nostradamus, although the world would look a lot nicer if it was what we predicted
  • 00:35:17 The Linux Foundation is shepherding a new collaborative effort to advance blockchain technology between lots of major tech and financial firms: Cisco, Deutsche Borse, JP Morgan, Intel, IBM, Accenture, and the like. Is this going to actually accomplish anything? Is a distributed ledger going to provide any benefits to we consumers?
  • 00:49:05 Stuart reviews Titan: "the toughest cable on earth", a steel-sheathed phone charging cable and asks: is this useful?
  • 00:59:22 There's a love triangle, except without much love, going on between the Software Freedom Conservancy, the Linux Foundation, and VMWare around alleged VMWare GPL violations and Linux Foundation accusations of conflict of interest; what's it all about? What's going on here?

Have a good New Year, everybody. We'll see you in 2016 (possibly at Live Voltage at the end of January!).

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For Jeremy’s prediction about wireless charging, I did see them at a domestic airport in the USA this past year (I don’t recall which one though)

My prediction for 2016 is that that the members will continue to not collect the data needed to determine if any of the predictions were correct, but still argue over them profusely.

Seriously though, I love the show and glad I found it this year!!! Keep up the good work and hopefully continue to have as much fun as it sounds like you have.

And why does Jono argue one of his predictions was right because there was no data, but Staurts was wrong for the same reason. :smile:


@sil, I think I am the guilty party for raising the episode limit in the past. I’m still m ore than happy for it to be lifted :smile:

As you said, it made sense in the LR days when everyone only had a 56k modem and some awful podcatcher app, but both of those are now much improved.

OK. I think that you can now use the new feed http://www.badvoltage.org/feed/mp3-all-episodes/ which has everything in. It is also possible that the normal feeds now also contain all episodes – there seem to be some caching issues.

Nice, thanks. Does this mean you’re no longer using that WP plugin or that it’s been fixed?

Um. I found some hints on how to configure WP to make it work. But it is not very clear to me whether the changes I made to podpress are what did it or the changes I made to the wordpress reading settings, or a combination of both. This is fairly discouraging stuff :frowning:

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Looks like Jolla won’t be sending tablets to all the people who paid for them. Not sure quite how that stacks up against Bryan’s prediction, but Ubuntu haven’t done that with phones at least :smile:

most popular app in Jolla Store has 25.000+ installs.
The real number must be somewhere between 25.000 and 50.000 if I understand the stepping correctly

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you could also have a paged feed to have all the properties you might want. not sure how to do that with podpress, but you maybe should look at podlove instead of it.

Last time I looked, and it appears to have not changed, podlove says “The plugin is currently in Beta and still under heavy development”, which means it’s not suitable for production use.

You guys should bring back the dirty haiku’s :grin:

Another enjoyable show guys, made a long car journey in the rain a lot more tolerable.

Any chance you could share some of the sources of your reading on the block chain and specifically on use cases outside the standard bitcoin proof of work usecase, as mentioned by Jeremy.

where did you read that was in beta - I can’t find that and it is at version 2.3… besides, the largest german podcasting ‘network’ and a lot of other projects in that scene run on it, and I have not heard anyone complaining.

In a paragraph of its own on the front page. :smile:

just want to make explicit the irony of the most popular app on a ¬android linux mobil os being one adding support to run android apps.

oops. still, it is heavily used in production and the development doesn’t look particularly frentic in the github stats.

Found the podcast during the holidays and this is the first episode that I listened to. Wow, it’s awesome! Currently listening through the back catalog and loving it. Good Job!


@jonasekl Welcome to the Bad Voltage community. The quality of the Bad Voltage podcast is generally excellent, I’m sure you will find much to enjoy and feel free to discuss them, or well anything really, here on the community website.

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Another worrying move from the Linux Foundation:

Not a direct link to what was talked about, but a growing weight of evidence that maybe the Linux Foundation is not the cuddly people we thought.

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