Why is there no BluRay version of the linuX-gamers' Live-Disc that is crammed full of flash and open source games?

Whenever I was abit down or just needed that ‘Lets spin up a disc’ for the hell of it, feeling - I used to have a spare copy of linuX-gamers DVD lying around and would play it live till I maxed out the RAM memory on me old laptop.

I miss those days.
even on USB.

My question is this … Why can’t you have a BluRay version that is crammed full of emulated, wrapped and flash-games , so that one can just enjoy the disc ? Why is a Linux distribution on a BluRay not even considered by the community ? What are the technological bottlenecks that prohibit people from using a BDrom disc (BluRay disc) ?

I guess it’s a question that I always wanted answering since BluRay’s came out of the shops.

Unfortunately live.linux-gamers never did each V1.0, but if they had, I would have donated gladly.

I suspect there’s a one word answer to that. Steam.

Because Internet. Also, how many people have BD-ROM drives?

Right, Ok I hear you. But I don’t always want to-be online - I meant this as a totally offline experience.

And for 50 bucks you can buy a BluRay drive anyways, and I’ve already spent far in excess of that on things like Humblebundle.

One thing this post taught me … don’t mess with the steam-heads.

Lastly the only reason I use Humblebundle is so that I have 100+ games for $20 for me and some friends; so when an actual SteamBox does get left on the doorstep (probably abandoned by it’s former owner like an disregarded offspring - and if that doesn’t happen, with the backlash of how awful the product might be after the long wait, - I shall buy one on ebay), I’ll have games to play on it for next to nothing.

Offline is what chill is to me.

Since the project you linked to seems to have stalled, I think that answer is that someone needs to do it. I don’t think there’s any “can’t”. Perhaps the internet in general (and the S-word in particular) means there isn’t enough interest to sustain the project.

My guess is that it has less to do with technological bottlenecks, and more about it being high-effort, low reward.

What would the advantage be? Even if your intent was a live distro, filled with (Free Software) games-- will it be bigger than 9GB?

Is a “BluRay” linux distribution just an ISO bigger than the maximum capacity of a DVD? Even if it existed, I bet more people would install it on a USB drive, than burn it to an optical disk.

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