What Makes You Nostalgic

It can be anything.

I came across this article of a 1978 Datsun 810 wagon. I had the sedan. I loved that car. It was basically a 240Z turned into a sedan/wagon. It was so much fun. However, I’m glad it’s gone for I would probably now agree with my father who said “it rides like a lumber wagon.” I didn’t care at the time.


What makes you nostalgic?


My still-in-the-drawer Nokia N900. The promise, the openness, the brand. All s-canned eventually for a shiny slab of touchscreen.

Most things 1980’s euro cars, M-cars, AMG, 911, vehicles I lusted after but knew I would probably never own.

IBM Model M keyboards. Well, that I did buy after all. Makes me nostalgic every time I type on it :slight_smile:

edit: oh, and from work, every time I see a Boeing 747. It’s the reason most pilots become pilots but only few, especially today, will ever get to fly.

edit2: just realized those are all things. but, I am a shallow man.

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8-track tapes anyone? :smile:

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This should now be sorted.

VT100 terminals, which remind me of being at college, learning to code.

Fascinating Rhythm by Bassomatic which was playing when I crashed my first car (a blue Opel Kadett) into this telegraph pole in 1990.

Opel Mantas because they remind me of my youthful poor taste in cars.


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I remember those, the days when the computer was in another room because we were not allowed to play with them on their own unless they were tiny such as my ZX80, yes ZX80 before the ZX81 but I could still code simple games in pure assembler. I still use assembler for time critical code in embedded systems but I can’t remember the last time I had to do so for space, or speed on a big processor. My last Web App was written in python; I started building Web applications in C.

My first car was a Mini, It was 10 years old when I got it in 1985 BC, OK not BC but I sometimes feel that old.

Did you actually drive one of those, or just a family car? If yes I submit to your superior age as I wasn’t old enough to drive at the time. Though I have no idea if this was new at the time. I would be interested to know who our oldest and youngest active community members are.

Remember the technology well but what were you listening to?

I also had a reel to reel.

Family car? Heck no. My dad liked the old big boats like:
Where you knew your speed by watching the fuel gage! But they were comfortable.

I can’t remember what I had in 8 track. The Platters maybe? Found a real (not reel) interesting video about how they work.

For me I had Yes, Cream, Hendrix and Joplin on 8 track though I since had them on vinyl, CD and they are now on my media server as electronic files. This may not be the best indication of my age as I also have Paul Robeson, Billy Hollday, Avril Lavigne and Ed Sheeran in there too,with too many others to list.

I have always believed there are only three types of music: Good, Mediocre and Bad.

John Peel, the radio 1, 2 and 4 radio presenter in the UK, and before he passed away close friend, may have disagreed about the middle class but would have agreed it is not for me to tell you what to like or you to tell me.

But we can expose each otherto our preferences and let the other decide if they like it.

I was surprised that a “Popey was here” sign is not to be seen! :smile:

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Oddly, 2 years later, my girlfriend crashed into the exact same telegraph pole! Apparently a lot of people do.

I very nearly crashed into this lamppost and telegraph pole about 13 years ago (in my fifth car) in icy weather, going out for lunch from the datacentre I worked in just up the road. Proper shat myself ramping the kerb and missing both those car-ending things by a hair’s breadth.

My mother would say “I hope you have clean underwear on in case you are in an accident.” I thought that is what an accident is. First you say it, then you do it.

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