What Is The Oldest Linux Installation CD You Have?

We’re currently having a little contest over at LQ, and I thought the Bad Voltage community might be interested in participating. Feel free to comment here, but to be eligible for the prize you’ll also need to post at LQ.



I do believe Mr Jeremy Q. Garcia will win this prize. I have never known anyone have so much ancient Linux tat around the place :slight_smile:

I’m thoroughly looking forward to someone having something even older.

I assume burning a CD with Linux 0.2 on it is not allowed?

Hang on, I don’t actually have a CD burner these days, do I?

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I was hoping to find my Yggdrasil CD, but it may have gotten lost/tossed in one of the moves unfortunately.


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That didn’t pre-date the invention of the CDROM? :wink:

Probably an early Ubuntu disc knocking around - I got in at Ubuntu 8.04

Not so fast there, Mr. Sil… :grinning:

I still have my Yggdrasil somewhere in the basement, but I also have my original install of Slackware on the original 50 floppies down there as well. And I know where those are…That was my original installation, complete with kernel 1.2.3, which I immmediately upgraded to 1.2.8…a 4 hour kernel compile on a 386 cpu.

I would doubt, after 20 years, that those floppies are any good any more. I did find a place online that had Slackware 2.2, and I had thought about trying it on a virtual box vm, just to see how a distro that old behaved on modern hardware.

I can’t get older than good ol’ Dapper Drake, Ubuntu 6.06 that is. I’ve only been using modern things.

Does it have to be a CD or do floppies count? I think the oldest I have around here are slackware 3ish.

Sure, feel free to include floppies as well.


I think I have a SUSE 5.3 disk in the loft. Circa '98 :slight_smile:

I should dig through the SUSE museum stash. We’ve got order forms, boxes and disks in there dating back to 92-ish. Though that’s not really “mine”. So don’t think I’ll win. But I should post them anyway. Because old stuff is rad.

I found this in a cupboard here at the company I work for:

Not quite a Linux but I think it’s also interesting:

Well-- it’s an installation CD for linux: Here’s the CD for “Crossover Plugin”. Their original product was a bridge that allowed you to use Windows web browser plugins (like Quicktime) in Linux browsers.

For those interested, “Fall of 1993” took the prize. More info here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-news-59/what-is-the-oldest-linux-installation-cd-you-have-4175551843/page11.html#post5415862


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blimey. I was still using an Archimedes…

Interestingly, at least time me, the disc that won is the first Linux CD I ever owned.


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Mine is a RedHat 6.1 disk from 1999, if I remember correctly, but it must in a cupboard at my parents place. I was only 15yo at the time, but it got me hooked instantly.

Arch Linux 06.01.2015. I’ve destroyed all others :wink:

Some old one i had in my Linux and Mac OS X CD/DVD drawer:

on @bittin on twitter could not add the pic to the post

Debian 2.1
Ubuntu 7.10, 9.04,9.10, 10.4 and 10.10
Kubuntu 9.04, 9.10, 10.04
and OpenSUSE 10.1 and 10.1
and Fedora 22 thats the one i got orginal disks of
rest is a bunch of burned Gentoo and Arch,XBMCbuntu,Kodibuntu and Debian disks etc too :slight_smile:

March 1995

Infomagic 4 CD set containing Slackware 2.2 install, and Debian 0.91/3, plus a load of other stuff like Kernel Sources 1.2.1 and the sunsite.unc.edu archives.

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