What do we think about AMDs new Ryzen 3000 Series?


  • Fast, power efficient, lots of fast cores
  • Cheap
  • Competitive with Intel
  • Built-in GPUs (“G” models) work with open source drivers
  • Built-In GPUs are fast, e.g. the Ryzen 3 3200G GPU does 1.28 TFLOP/s. Intels fastest built-in GPU does about half of that. That means even on the cheapest AMD model (~100 US-$) offloading stuff to the GPU via OpenCL/Vulkan makes sense, while on a comparable Intel CPU it doesn’t. You basically get free additional GPU performance with your already cheap AMD CPU
  • Memory controller supports ECC


  • Don’t work on some of the older, cheap mainboards (B320 chipset)


  • Newer systemd releases won’t boot because AMD screwed up RDRAND again and systemd never released the existing fix. So if you want to run anything more recent than about Ubuntu 18.04, you’ll have to check if the distro already has the fix (or AMD releases a new microcode which finally fixes this for good)
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